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9 thoughts on “Smack Down: Ginni Thomas Lawyer to J6 Kangaroo Court”
  1. It’s very simple.

    Use the hearing to slander Ginni Thomas.

    Tie Ginni’s slander to Justice Thomas.

    Impeach Justice Thomas as retribution for NY R&P and Dobbs.


  2. I cannot comprehend why any sentient non-libbrulll would say anything on the record other than “good morning”, and “I decline to answer that question based upon (fifth amendment)(fourth amendment)(the day ends in “y”) to any congressional or .gov interrogator.

    And, “Good morning” might be too much.

  3. Who were the idiots within the upper echelons of the Democratic Media Complex that decided that engaging in lawfare with the Ginni Thomas was a good strategy?

    This is like a villain knowing that Clark Kent is Superman and choosing to take Lois Lane hostage anyway.

    She’s been an part of Washington, D.C.’s conservative scene since the Eighties, both inside the government and as a member of (and later founder of) several major “think tanks.” Oh and her husband of thirty-odd years is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

    I think she has more top-shelf attorneys on her Christmas Card list than I’ve had hot meals. In addition to being no slouch of an attorney in her own right.

    This is just a baffling move, strategically.

    Don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, don’t tug on Superman’s cape, and don’t try to use a civil hearing to intimidate Ginni Thomas!

    1. I agree with everything you said. The problem is we now live in a banana republic two tier justice system.

      All the top tier lawyers and so on don’t mean anything if the Democrats decide to ignore the law and just do what they want.

      1. We do seem to be heading that way, with the Democratic Media Conglomerate doing their best to drag us there… But we aren’t there yet. Going after Ginni Thomas might not be their Waterloo, but it might be their Aspern-Essling.

  4. Without more information, I am left to believe that, if her name were Ginni Jones, the Committee would never even entertain speaking with her.

    Forget Jones; if her name were Ginni Breyer, she’d be a political celebrity warmly welcomed at all Right-Thinking[TM] events and Mainstream Media talk circuits for her “help” providing “common sense” to the High Court.

    Even if she didn’t discuss pending cases with her husband or provide any input whatsoever.

    It’s somewhat amusing to me that the Party of Equality for Women[TM], only seems to want to speak with her because of her husband.

  5. So, Archer, do you rely Hillary Rodham would even merit any sort of mention in any history? Even of Wherever The Crack University she graduated from?

    Because, I do not.

    1. She’ll be mentioned all right, as one of the most evil, corrupt, murderous cunts to ever be whelped.
      I think we really figured out what rely was supposed to be. Really we did. ;-))

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