Mississippi Board of Education votes to remove ban on guns in K-12 schools

If you read Divemedics blog you can read about how the Florida Guardian Program hasn’t been a great success. The gist is that while the state made it legal for teachers and staff to be armed within the schools, the “needs permission” of the local sheriffs and school board and and and meant that in the end only a very few “special” people got permission to carry.

Run of the mill teachers did not. I believe that his final analysis said no teachers are part of the Guardian Program.

Under Mississippi state law CCW holders should be allowed to carry on school property. The state Board of Education didn’t see it that way and banned guns in K-12 schools. This has now be reversed.

Of course there is a gotcha, this ALLOWS local school districts to allow CCW holders to carry on school campuses, but it doesn’t REQUIRE them to do so. I strongly suspect that this will turn into another victory in words but not deeds. This has been 11 years in coming.

The infringers are at it, telling us that “Teachers are just as likely as anyone to cause violence in the classroom”, “…Teachers might not be trained enough…”, “you don’t know how your fight or flight is going to react, and that’s going to cause more problems than it [solves]”.

Finally, this is the State DoE issuing this statement. Before it is implemented the State Board has to take action to allow guns in schools.

The repetitive bleating of the anti-gun people that it will be worse if a teacher has a gun and is able to effectively fight back against an armed shooter is tiring. Nothing in the statistics says that a teacher with a CCW is going to lose their mind and start killing students. Why do these people always believe that a gun is going to turn somebody into a murdering asshole?

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4 thoughts on “Small Victories: Mississippi BoE Removes Ban on Guns in K-12 Schools”
  1. Maybe because they’re afraid they would turn into a murdering asshole if they had a gun? They are awfully angry.

    (Former RufusJ here. The new system wouldn’t recognize my user name.)

    1. Would turn into murdering assholes? They’ve been baby murdering asshole demons for decades. If someone can murder a helpless baby, they will happily murder anyone they disagree with.

  2. Liberals shout thier ignorance AND thier desire… fuk em. Every time they bleat about guns none of it comes true.

  3. What’s needed is the school analog of Shall Issue:
    1. Any teacher or other school staff member who holds whatever is the CCW paperwork at the time (if any) may carry at school.
    2. When the person starts doing so, the principal and/or BoE must be notified.
    3. Upon notification, the principal and/or BoE may object, but only in writing, giving specific legal grounds of the kind that would result in denial of a CCW permit. Such objection may only be issued within 15 business days of the notification.
    4. The person receiving the objection may challenge it in court, where the principal and/or BoE shall have to show by clear and convincing evidence that the teacher or staff member should not be allowed to carry.
    Or something like that.

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