The firearm community starts for, or should stand for, freedom.

When someone for our community turns out to be a Faucist collaborator they deserve the same fate as Belgian fascist collaborators.

These people need to be persona non grata in our community and go bankrupt.

Fuck ’em.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Snitches get stiches”
  1. I have noticed the firearms community, at least here in maine, is chock full of petty nasty people. I joined a pro arms group here thinkin “wow a group that thinks like me…. Nope. Full of petty trolls eager to prove to everyone that they know it al while insulting your intelligence.. I will not support them. It has soured my enthusiasm to work in this industry. I have a full service hot bluing shop and a small nickel plating shop. Im very picky who I will do business with…. When and IF shiite goes sideways it will get real interesting

    1. The firearm community is full of people who are highly protective of their own rights but not of others.

      It’s why so many used to say that nobody needed an AR-15 or any other ‘militarized’ rifle. Often while they’re happily shooting their sporterized military rifles.

      And the NRA, all about sporting rifles but not personal protection weapons.

      And and the people who are all for CCW with all the fees and fussiness but not for Constitutional Carry and Open Carry.

  2. These covidiot snitches will be getting a F.A.F.O. lesson first hand. Good.
    Time is long overdue these progtard fascists (but I repeat myself) get punched on the nose, repeatedly, like the bullies they are.

  3. The worst part of it, they survive mostly off of LE and Mil contracts and larpers who wanna dress like Force Ranger DevGru 6 (go look at what they charge for shit). So they could give a fuck what us commoners think. They in the special people’s club and are better than you, as evidenced by Karen snitching out that business from her work email.

    Also, a lesson to learn, don’t conduct personal business from your work email. That just may bite you in the ass later.

  4. So I read through some of those emails.
    Wow. Just, wow. Talk about overthinking and not having a clue how to get on with one’s life, nor extend the courtesy to other people to let them do that.
    If you’re scared that the drive-through ice cream place isn’t doing things properly, don’t go there. If other people go there, that’s their choice based on their assessment of any potential threat. You don’t get to make them use your assessment; you don’t have to use theirs. It’s really that simple.

  5. I downloaded that list. If anyone needs the copy reuploaded holler out to Mig or JKB and they can post a call for it.

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