Early January:


Late January:



The Biden Administration expected 200,000 new jobs in January.  They lost 300,000 jobs.

They missed their mark by 500,000 jobs negative.

Tell me again about that “fastest economic recovery ever” again.

We are so fucked.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “So about that economic recovery…”
  1. They’re gaslighting the public. ‘Who are you gonna believe? Us, or your lying eyes! Everything is A-okay! The empty shelves don’t exist! Gas and food are at normal prices! Nothing to see here!’.

    1. And they’re failing at it, and hard. Effective propaganda has to 1) be close to the truth 2) work to confirm what a majority of the people think and want to think.
      They’re missing both marks. They’re in Baghdad Bob territory at this point.

  2. THIS is my problem with our election process. We had record GDP in August of 2020. Energy independent Country since forever. The fukkin democrats didnt like that so they set out to fuk everything up beyond all repair. And they did it. So now America suffers because as a whole, when daddy gubmint says dont finish pipelines, stop all energy(petroleum) work stop fracking dont uou dare finish the wall, ect Americans meekly obey. We get an administration like Trumps we do good, We the People let the democrats in they fuk every one except themselves. Its really sad.

  3. If you look at the numbers, the ‘economic growth’ is barely a recovery as it was in the negative 3.4% in 2020. W/ an average of 3.1% growth annually, We’re still in the hole from what we would have seen had the DNC not went on the warpath against Trump.

    Never mind the continued logistics issues caused by democrat policies on trucks in CA and the mandates reducing staffing.

    So of course the response is to start bombing brown people.

  4. The other thing to note is where did that spending go? For the last year the shelves have been low or empty. That means that the warehouses have been low or empty.

    So you or I buy a washing machine. That money went into the economy 12 months ago. But the warehouse hasn’t been able to replace that machine. So they have a bunch on back order.

    Those back orders started to flow in just recently. Because of that, money gets spent. That looks like a bunch of spending. But it is really just the money you and I spent 12months ago.

    This isn’t a recovery. This is a stabilization.

    It is the same BS that they were talking about when they said “Well people have a lot of money in savings right now because they didn’t spend in 2020/2021. They are spending it now so inflation isn’t really a problem.”

    That savings needs to be replenished. What happens to spending when people have to start living within their income AND they have to refill their savings?

    We saw a similar thing happen in the 1970s when we had the “gas shortage”. Media caused a buying panic. People that use to run their tanks till less than 1/4 tank suddenly started filling their tanks. The amount of storage in a 100,000 cars far exceeds the amount of storage in every service station that services those cars. That means the service stations go dry.

    Demand has gone way up but the actual rate of spending is actually a bit less.

    As those stations demand more fuel, the tank farms start to run short. And suddenly you see lines at the gas stations.

  5. It is surprising to me how many leftists are knocking the economy under Trump, but lauding the spectacular growth under this pResident. It is because of stupid tweets like these. Because the person tweeting for that vegetable in the WH says it is the fastest economic growth, it must be a fact. (As if you deserve credit for letting people go back to the jobs they held a year ago…)

    What letter follows the candidates name is more important than facts.

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