Despite today’s ruling, I’m fairly certain that most Federal Firearm Licensees are not going to sell to out of state buyers until they have guidance from ATF telling them it’s OK to do so. I don’t know whether or not that guidance will be forthcoming, and the government is almost certain to appeal the ruling and ask the Court of Appeals to stay the judges injunction until the appeals court rules. So celebrate, because we did win a victory, but don’t run off to a neighboring state to buy a handgun just yet

via So Can People Purchase From FFLs Out of State Now? | Shall Not Be Questioned.

It is a GREAT decision, but it is not final yet. So far it only covers Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas plus you know it will be challenged and a temporary injunction requested and probably given.

Go read Sebastian’s post. Feet on the ground and no, you still cannot buy a full auto MAC-10 at the 7-11 so don’t even start complaining.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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One thought on “So Can People Purchase From FFLs Out of State Now? Hold your panties.”
  1. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is, No.
    District Court rulings are not binding outside that District. Circuit Court of Appeals rulings only affect that Circuit, etc. Only a Supreme Court ruling, by law, has a nationwide effect.
    Other courts may and should, however, consider this ruling in deciding their own, similar cases.
    For now, I’d keep the champagne on ice and stay in-state.
    (By the way, I’m not a lawyer, but I spent a lot of time in court during a 30-year LE career.)

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