The video is old but Alyssa Milano just Tweeded it, so this is the first time that I’m seeing it.

There is so much wrong here it’s not even funny.

First of all, SHOT show is not a gun show.  SHOT (it’s an acronym so all caps) is the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade show put on by the NSSF every year.

No, you can’t buy a gun at SHOT.  In fact, all guns displayed at SHOT have to be rendered inoperable.  The media day guns which work are stored and handled off site.

Being a trade show, it’s not open to the public either.  You need to be an FFL, work for a company in the industry, or have a media pass to get in.

It was in Vegas after the massacre because it’s been in Vegas for years and has been booked in advance for years.  Trade shows usually are.

I’m sure the NSSF didn’t want to talk to these people for the same reason the NRA has started cracking down on press passes.  Because these anti-gun people misrepresent everything.

As for the attendees, I know some people who go to SHOT.  They are forbidden by company policy to talk to the press.  Saying something unauthorized to the media by your corporate sponsor is a good way to get fired.

So, with all that explained they decided to buy a gun on Armslist.

The next outrage is that somebody responded to an email about a gun sale faster than it would take to walk to Starbucks.  So what?  I’ve listed stuff on Armslist and I get my email to my phone.

I could also say “it’s faster to find an anonymous gay hookup on Tinder than it is to get a coffee at Starbucks” but I have a feeling that’s not PC.

Realizing that it would be illegal for the Now This guy to buy a gun in Vegas, they get a member of the film crew to engage in a straw purchase.

Hooray, they broke the law.

I wonder if they admitted that when they virtue signaled and turned the gun over to police.

They are upset by the amount of freedom Americans have and make this seems like a crisis, even though these types of sales are responsible for a minute percentage of the guns used in crime.

They end the piece with the claim that their are 200 Million guns in the US, underestimating the actual number by half.  Then they jokingly admit they want to straw purchase the other 199,999,999 guns and destroy them too.

To that I say… go right ahead.

I would LOVE to see Bloomberg go broke buying guns off Armslist and Gunbroker to destroy them.  The industry will just make more to fill the void.


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By J. Kb

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