Despite the relentless mocking and economic criticism of the Green New Deal, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing forward trying to sell it nationally.

So here are just some things that I have noticed about the Green New Deal and the people who are pushing it in general.

They all LOVE President FDR.  FDR consolidated presidential power more than any other American president, even going so far as to try and stack the Supreme Court when they overturned some parts of his New Deal.

FDR interred the Japanese, and commissioned a plan to take Europe’s surviving Jews and ship them off the Madagascar, and then encourage America’s Jews to join them.

The Green New Deal, modeled in name after the New Deal, is the most radical transformation of a nation’s economy and social structure since the Great Leap Forward.  The original New Deal can’t hold a candle to the government takeover through regulation of business and private life that the Green New Deal offers.  To put it bluntly, the New Deal never sought to force veganism on people.  The Green New Deal will do just about that by reforming agriculture away from meat production.

These people love trains.

These people think that overpopulation is one of the problems facing the world and quite often refer to human beings as some form of disease afflicting the planet.

These people hate Nazis, Deplorables, Trumpanzees, Republicans, Conservatives, and pretty much everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders.

The fact is that we cannot generate the electricity we need off the sun and wind without nuclear power generation.

The Green New Deal will guarantee jobs, and possibly just paychecks, to everyone, meaning that the Green New Deal effectively nationalizes a major part of the workforce.  More specifically, a segment of the workforce that is too lazy or incompetent to do well in the private sector.

The Green New Deal is not zero carbon, it’s carbon neutral.

Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner wrote an article laying out why the Green New Deal would never work.

In a nutshell there are too many people working in too many states that are dependent on oil, coal, air travel, mining, ranching, etc. that have representation in the Senate to  pass it.

The Green New Deal might sound nice if you live in Manhattan or Silicon Valley and everything you want arrives by magic from Amazon Prime.  For everyone else, it is a disaster.

Klein puts it this way (bold added).

To be clear, when I use the term “revolution,” I do not mean it in the loose sense in which it is typically employed in the relatively stable world of American politics. Political scientists and authors may refer to the Reagan Revolution or the Gingrich Revolution or the Obama Revolution. Sen. Bernie Sanders often refers to his movement as a revolution, and many of his former 2016 volunteers took the name of his book, Our Revolution, and turned it into an organization that supported socialist candidates, including Ocasio-Cortez, in 2018.

When I say the “Green New Deal” would require a revolution, however, I don’t mean it in the sense that it would require electing new people with dramatically different ideas who would then work within the current system to pass and implement those ideas. I mean that it would require a disruption more along the lines of the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, or the Chinese Communist Revolution. That is, it will require dramatic changes to the underlying structure of government.

Keep in mind, when you read the article, it is somewhere between a reminder of the insatiability of the Green New Deal and a warning against what it would take to implement it.

This was his Tweet announcing his article.

These were some responses.


That’s a lot of Left wingers happy to kick off the mass murder of Middle America to implement eco-communism.

But it’s a good thing I’m not crazy or prone to tinfoil hat conspiracies, because I might add all of these points up and come to believe that a future iteration of the Great Green Leap Forward is going to involve the creation of “high speed mass mobilization railways” to transport those Deplorables to “biofuel power plants” rounded up by a goon squad of guaranteed green jobs holders.

But that’s just paranoid.

Excuse me while I just go and buy more ammo.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Social Math on the Green New Deal”
  1. I have long wondered why Commies never learn. What possesses them to think that this time it will be different, when last century is rife with cases of it not working out for them?

  2. I wonder how many of those Twitter “responses” are legit. If I knew or cared how to use Twitter, I might well have said, “Yeah, bring it on,” just for the laughs. I think you have to know the history of the senders to know if they’re for real.
    For the record, I’m all for this retrofitting crap. I need a bigger furnace and better insulation, to cope with all this global warming.

  3. Most of those supporting it are from high density urban environments w/ no idea just how vast the US is outside of their 5 block commute.

    They also have no idea (or knowledge of history) that when food supplies start getting reduced, it’s not the farmers/ranchers that go hungry, it’s the people in the cities. They’ll learn that their rooftop/window sill garden won’t sustain them over anything even remotely like a long period.

    1. Nice coincidence: just a month or two ago I re-read The Bracken Anthology. It has an excellent article about “what if the food stops coming?” (His specific scenario is “what if food stamp payment cards stop working because of some computer failure or other government screwup?”) And another one is an excellent fiction short story “What I saw at the Coup”, a good cautionary tale for all those throwing pictures of guillotines around. (Also a good cautionary tale for us, because the story is written as “it almost came out the other way”.)

    2. Soylent Green had that premise. I remember someone saying that farms are like fortresses, no one can get within a mile of them. It is what forced the inner cities to turn to a different form of food.

      (Oh, and the oceans were dying as well. But, I will hazard a guess that some form of soylent was in the works long before the oceans gave up the ghost.)

  4. Note that Thorogood Marshall himself overheard FDR complaining about being bothered with “one of Elenor’s n*****rs”, so we can add that charge to the pile.

  5. The ones that are referencing the French Revolution. They must not have read more than the captions in their history book at school. After it ran amok and killed a myriad of people, including even the ringleaders themselves, such as Robespierre, what was the end result? Dictatorship under Napoleon.

    How much ammo you got? — that’s not enough!

    1. The overaged children think a revolution means they get to kill the mean people, and take their stuff- and the useful little idiots are often led to believe that by those who would use them as cannon fodder, then have the survivors shot.
      Because the Iron Rule of Leftist Revolutions is once you come to power, be sure to shoot the revolutionaries.

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