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Absolutely nothing justifies murder, I feel compelled to say that out loud unless I am misconstrued.

In today’s society one of the worst social crimes you can commit if victim blaming.

The problem with that is that it changes how people address situations.

I read this story and I read about a young woman in a bad relationship with a man she described as “toxic.”

She divorced him and moved across the country to get away from him.

And she documented the entire thing, posted it on TikTok, and was murdered.

Maybe, just maybe, airing the dirty laundry of the man you are divorcing and then posting where you moved to after doing so was a bad idea.

And now I am accused of being a victim blamer.

Of course she shouldn’t have been murdered  but of you were a security conscious minded person, you might consider not antagonize an ex by embarrassing him on social media and posting your whereabouts online in video form.

Be conscious of your actions.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Social media vs safety results in a murder suicide”
  1. A good portion of victims contribute directly to their victimness.

    Like murders. The random unknown murder is the outlier. Bad behavior, bad habits, bad choices all are more likely the cause.

    Like the really sweet, highly religious realtor lady in my town, who ended up in pieces parts all through her house. Nobody said anything bad about her, but she was known in the bars as the lady who puts freaky out when given really good drugs. Had nothing to do with her death, dontchaknow.

    Yeah, the woman in your story? Loose lips sink ships.

  2. South Asian also implies this was in the UK. Moving across the country is more like moving across the state of Michigan. A couple of hours drive.

  3. There is a difference between victim blaming, and pointing out the stupid things a victim did that led to their injury/death.

    This woman did some incredibly stupid things which were direct contributors to her death. Did she really think documenting her divorce publicly was a good idea? Letting her “toxic” ex know where she lived was a good idea? Yeah… for whatever reason, posting on social media the details of her life seemed like a good idea to her.

    And, she paid the ultimate price.

  4. Re victim blaming…
    “The person did not deserve to be murdered” and “The victim was an idiot and made it easier for their murderer” are not incompatible statements. Both can be true; and the latter emphatically is not saying “he/she/it had it coming” or “brought it on him/her/whatever self.”

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