Rising star of the Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez party is causing the party to eat itself.

Not just she she show that she knows shit about how unemployment or labor force participation works with her “unemployment is low because everyone had two jobs” idiocy.  She also showed just how little she knows about global affairs when she condemned Israel for occupying Palestine, then saying she isn’t an expert on the subject.

After defeating Joe Crowley in the primary, she decided to be a sore winner on Twitter.

Except that Crowley has confirmed multiple times that he’s not running.

What we’re starting to see here is that Ocasio-Cortez is a professional victim.  She only wins when she’s the victim and can play that up for anger and sympathy.

That is the core philosophy of Democratic Socialism – i.e. everyone who isn’t rich is a victim of the rich and should have the right to vote to take stuff from the rich.

If she defeated Crowley and was gracious she wouldn’t be a victim anymore.  But if Crowley, that rich white man, snubbed her and ran against her as a third party candidate, she’d be a victim of a sore loser.

She opens her stupid mouth about Israel and caught flack for it.

She’s running for Congress in NY-14, in New York City.  The people criticizing her were Liberal New York City Jews.  This is how she responded.

Yeah, those alt-right, Neo-Nazi, Liberal Jews…

She was taken to task for this by Joe Liberman.

Lieberman knocks Ocasio-Cortez as too far left for Democrats

And Chris Cillizza.

Democrats should maybe slow their roll on pushing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as their next big star

Maybe an anti-Capitalist, anti-Israel, anti-ICE, pro-open borders, pro-massive economic redistribution (Medicare for all, free college, etc.), identity politics, socialist platform doesn’t appeal to the moderate Democrats in the flyover states that Hillary thought she’d win and didn’t.

Having her be the new face of the party will only drive them further out of the Democrats.

That analysis makes sense, but DNC Chair Tom Perez just called Ocasio-Cortez “the future of [the Democrat] party.”

This is great to watch.

The Democrats are going to try and take down Trump while fighting a civil war between the “big tent” pragmatists and the radical Leftists.

The next couple of election cycles are going to be interesting.



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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Socialism leads to cannibalism”
  1. Nothing new. It’s always the other communist who are first against the wall when the revolution comes.

    1. The old guard is fighting back. They thought they could coopt the radicals by appointing old guardish Tom Perez and his progressive rival Keith Ellison to the DNC. The only problem is that the radical progressives are the ones that have been successfully coopting the party, and party people like Perez.

      The radicals think a small energized and committed base will eventually win out, either in a true revolution like the Bolsheviks in 1917, or when people are so tired of tumult and uncertainty that they turn to the minority socialist workers party like the German NASDAP in the 1930’s, just to make it STOP. The radical progressives first step will be taking control of the Democrat Party. They may have the National DNC, and a lot of crazier states like California? Can they get control of the state party apparatus in states like Nebraska or Indiana? Or will the (literally) old guard remain in control?

      I have no idea what will happen. But I think I am going to alternatively laugh and be appalled.

  2. Free medicade for ALL??? if its free for ALL, who is gonna PAY for it???? The magical rich??
    Yes ke p runnin around the whole country preachin to us dumb white aint got no teeth smelly white people and you will get us and mr Trump for another 4 years AND a 7 to 2 scotus in OUR favor.

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