This is an assault on reality.

None of this is factually accurate.  It’s counter factual.

A mustache and a dick explicitly makes a person not a woman.

And then to use this to emotionally manipulate people, to shake them down like woke con artists for their money is egregious.

It is vital that society reject these people.

Not just ignore them but aggressively reject them.

If there is one problem in society today it’s too much tolerance for terrible destructive insanity.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Society should aggressively not tolerate this”
  1. This is completely normal. All these transgender persons want is to be is simply loved, accepted, and respected. Why do you want to marginalize them?

    You should not only accept them, you must also celebrate them and honor their lived experience.

    1. Bullshit. That emotional word salad is ridiculous on its face, and is rejected. It is also factually untrue.

      What a person chooses to do on their own time, and on their own dime, is their own business. I truly do not care what fantasy one wishes to live in, or who they want to fuck-so long as its consensual and they can pay for it themselves.

      That being said, it is not reasonable for anyone to attempt to coerce me to play along with their make-believe life choices. I damn sure wont be paying for it.

      Any attempt to make me is a violation of the NAT, and will be met with the necessary force to stop it.

      In my experience, the ones prattling on about their traits tend to do so because it’s all they have in life. They are usually boring useless people who bring nothing to the table. These people exist on handouts and have to find evermore ridiculous ways to demand more whilst trying to convince the world (and themselves) they serve a purpose. It doesn’t work though. Everyone knows it’s a fraud, especially the person perpetuating it. That’s why these charlatans engage in self destructive behavior, and oftentimes die by their own hand.

      Sad really.

    1. Technically, I’ve seen women with mustaches. Scary women. It’s the dick part that’s differential.

    2. In fact, some (not well known) racial groups have facial hair on women as a normal characteristic. The Ainu of northern Japan are an example I know of.

  2. I don’t know what to say. It’s all just getting so crazy. Watching society, the country, swirling, making the last turn in the toilet bowl,, waiting for the gurgle. And the crises? Self inflicted, who wants America destroyed? IDK,, but it looks like a lot of top people are in on it.

    1. Who wants America destroyed? Communists, fascists, Maoists, one worlders, demoncrats, rinos, but I repeat myself.

      1. There are three genders, you bigots. Now pay attention:

        1. Male
        2. Female
        3. Bat-shit crazy

        Thus endeth the lesson.

        1. Isn’t posting female and batshit crazy, redundant? I’m so sorry I’m a bigut. (Not misspelled) ;-))

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