I don’t know anything about Judge Brett Kavanaugh except that Senator Cory “Cryin'” Booker hates him.

In a long Twitter thread about how Kavanaugh was going to destroy the judiciary and life as we know it, he said this:

Quit talking Cory, you done made the sale.

I’ll take “overturn assault weapons ban” and a side of chili fries.

I can’t wait for the Senate conformation hearing, I hope Booker turns on all the water works.¬† It will be downright entertaining to watch a Senator crying over a Judge’s stance on upholding Constitutional rights.



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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “SOLD!!!”
  1. Imagine if Hillary had won, and we were in the midst of her second SCOTUS pick. Just imagine. Thank God we aren’t in that situation.

    1. Remember that fine GHW Bush pick, David Souter?

      He honored the man who chose him for the US Supreme Court by voluntarily retiring six months after his son GW Bush left office. That is loyalty and respect!

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