I saw this video on YouTube.

A company that owns property is Portland is tired of all the bums hanging out, outside of one of its tenants’ establishments, harming business, harassing customers, and presumably shitting and leaving needles on the property – as bums are wont to do.

The Portland news is as Liberal as the rest of the city so reported on the tactic the property owner uses to keep the bums away.

That story was followed up with this one.

Let me see if I get this right, the City of Portland sides with the bums over the tax paying property and business owners.

Of course they do.

Why defend someone who developed the land and pays taxes which go to the operation of the city when there is a bongos playing homeless guy, begging for weed who wants to violate the tax payer’s property rights.

Pictured: what Portland prefer to business. 

The first thought that I know a lot of people have here is something along the line of “Well if the business owners of Portland are tired of being second to bums, they should move out of Portland and let the city crumble.”

But that raises the question, why should the law abiding tax payers be forced to flee, and endure the costs and hardships of moving?

I find myself reminded of one of my favorite episodes of Law & Order, back before its was an insane, raging Lefty show (pre-Bush Derangement Syndrome).

Episode 4.02 “Volunteers” was about a homeless man who was attacked in his sleep.  He took up residence in the alley behind a fancy condo building and had harassed the residents for years.  The residents tried to get rid of him but a judge decided he had the right to live in that alley and made the residents pay him damages, which he used to buy drugs.  Finally he hurt a woman who lived there when he robbed her, so her husband beat him nearly to death with a piece of rebar.  The husband was found guilty but sentenced to time served for the day he spent in jail prior to his posting bail.

I’m also reminded of the Soldiers of Odin, which started in Finland and has quickly spread to Sweden and Norway.

My wife and I have disagreements about them.  Yes, they attract white supremacists and neo-Nazis, but they also didn’t form in a vacuum.

Tired of hearing about rape after rape of Swedish women by Muslim migrants going unpunished by Liberal judges who value “cultural sensitivity” over punishing sex crimes, these men have started repaying Migrants who get handsy with – or in some cases just leer at – white women with a savage beating with a cricket bats.

Here’s the thing, I actually sort of support this.  Extremism begets extremism.  For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

When some judge decided that when two Muslim men rape an elderly women gardening in her yard “because they were having a bad day” and that’s normal by Middle Eastern culture so they shouldn’t be sent to prison, that is Progressive extremism.

So when two migrants start staring at a Swedish girl’s ass and then have their teeth knocked in, that’s counter extremism.

The way to stop extremism is adopt a more moderate position.  That takes the fuel for the counter extremism away.

All of this brings me to my point.

I’m expecting to see a headline soon “Masked attackers light sleeping homeless man in tent on fire.”

And you know what, the people I blame for that is the management of the City of Portland, prioritizing the bums over the tax payers.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Soldiers of Stumptown”
  1. Just sayin’, when the legal system can’t or won’t protect normal people from the criminals, the insane, or corrupt government officials who protect the evil doers at the expense of the innocent, citizens, committees of public vigilance get formed. The results are never pretty but are often effective.

  2. Which is why the law abiding public always gets disarmed first. Once the law defying criminals are the only ones who are armed, they are used to enforce the dictates of the government. This is EXACTLY what brings about pro-government death squads.

  3. I suggest that if they really want to be effective in their efforts that not only should the “counter extremists” target the invasive culture criminals, but the government enablers that have precipitated the situation. ie the judges and government leadership. The government leaders are much more well known than the perps and probably bear more responsibility to society for refusing to punish the lawless, as they were placed in power to do, at the expense of the lawful. Leaving the leadership with no accountability for their lawless actions leaves them free to continue their own lawlessness. Failure to perform ones duty to protect a society should be punished as severely as the law-breaker they protect. Simple removal from an office rarely changes the behavior of power-seeking men.

  4. When you do a top ten or top twenty best article’s of 2019. You should add this one to the list. Your closing statements are on point.

  5. Aahhhh Portland, that shining emrald city…. We here in Maine have a portland here that is rapidly becoming a liberal sh!!hole. I didnt know about Sweden n Norway- bra-freakin-vooo. I was wondering a couple months ago if that would happen in europe. Evil and nasty as it sounds,(PC disclaimer) Im surprised it hasnt happened in the USA. I can see it comin. When gubmint stops being by and for the “working tax paying” amongst us its gonna back We the People into a corner

  6. What the political leaders of Portland and San Francisco don’t want to admit is that their policies exacerbate the homeless problem with NIMBY zoning that prevents construction of affordable housing and anti- business policies that inhibit job growth. Their pro-homeless policies appear motivated by a combination of guilt over creating the problem and hatred of the productive.

  7. The other unintended consequence of this is that many progressives are unable to lean. So, when the higher than high cost of living drives them out of whatever US People’s Democratic Republic type city, they are utterly unable to let the fact that the Progressive policies they voted for led to the conditions that drove them out.
    So, they move to some nice, free location they can afford(free because of few to none Progressive crap). The the dumb masses proceed to start voting in the same exact Progressive crap. More Free Crap! More Regulations on teh Ebil Rich! More Taxes! More Government! More Gun Control!
    The Bastards to on to ruin things for those of us who were happy enough with things the way they were.

    Seriously, the wall needs to be built on the Cali/Oregon/Wa State border. And the free states need to deport all those damn carpetbaggers before they ruin things.

  8. I’m thinking someone need to install one of those high-pitched noise generators in channel 8’s offices. Maybe several of them. Every time they find one, activate another. They might figure out that those stupid “human interest” stories aren’t news, and are in fact unwanted. They are quite happy that their story the previous day ended what was a very effective means of driving away the homeless denizens. So maybe they ought to bear the brunt of the response to that…

    Not that I’m advocating anything illegal….

  9. The 7-11 by my work in Spokane WA (2nd and Division – as featured on COPS) recently had to install multiple cameras, 30+ inch monitor to display the footage, and probably the same kind of squealer system because of the constant swarms of homeless/drunk/drugged infesting the parking lot. (Couldn’t actually hear it in the videos, so can’t verify it’s the same.) No squealer lately, so I wonder if some whiny dumbass got it shut down as well… I know the hordes are slowly increasing again.

    (I suspect the expensive security upgrades had to do with a crime/nuisance abatement order from the city; I do know that the store itself was losing thousands of dollars a month to shoplifting – at a bloody *7-11* holy $#!+ – and this doesn’t cover the constant flow of 911 responses for fights (armed and unarmed), ODs both drug and alcohol, theft, extortion, unlicensed businesses (drugs/prostitution/stolen property), and turning the entire block into an open-air toilet/dumping ground.)(This is just the stuff I personally have witnessed, like the heroin addict making a long-term home in the dumpster enclosure, or the queue-up for the hooker – same dumpster area, different timeframe.))

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