Some advice for the GOP for the next 34 days

Here is video of activist screaming at Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator.  This is the point at which he capitulated to the demand for an FBI investigation.

Here is video of activist berating Senator Mitch McConnell in an airport.

Do you see a trend?

It is the number of women who are saying (paraphrased) “I was sexually assaulted.  If you support Kavanaugh, you are saying my assault doesn’t matter.”

What they are saying is that because one man assaulted them, another man has to be punished for the most flimsy and spurious of accusations.

We saw this basic idea before in the trial of George Zimmerman and hearing of Officer Daniel Wilson.  The white defendant du jour  must be convicted for murder of a black man, regardless of the evidence, because there have been white men who have killed black men in the past and were not punished for it.

This is a transparent demand for collective punishment.

Why bother with sex crime investigations anymore?  When a woman reports that she’s been assaulted, why not just jail the first random white man off the street the police can find.  One while man is interchangeable with any other white man for the purposes of social justice punishment.

The Republicans need to hammer this home over the next 34 days.  They need to hammer home to wifes and the mothers of sons that the Democrats are destroying the very principles of our judicial system before our very eyes.

This is a Stalinesque future where people, especially men, are going to have to spend their lives looking over their shoulder for when a whisper or rumor or baseless accusation that will destroy everything they ever worked for.

Unless, of course, you are a high ranking Democrat, then never mind…

Orwell was wrong about one thing.  We didn’t need a centralized big brother to destroy society.  It has been wiki-ized by giving SJW’s cellphones and Twitter.

Every other policy is peanuts now.  What is at stake is if our justice system will be totally destroyed.

That is the message that has to be spread.

3 Replies to “Some advice for the GOP for the next 34 days”

  1. Right on the money!
    Might I add this: Vote for whatever republican is running this election, even if you hate him. Find replacements for RINOs over the next two years and get rid of the RINO in the primaries.
    But for now, it is crucial to VOTE. Don’t abstain.
    Oh, and be sure to let them know the consequences of RINO behavior in congress.

  2. Still wondering where the right wing response to this is. I recall reading in early 2016 that Trump inspired a right wing infastructure to counter the left wing bs, two years later and I’m still waiting. People saying ‘we’re too busy working’ is a lazy ass response.

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