Before you ask, that is a B&T APC556 and I did not shoot it. I may in the future, but I can only say that looks pretty but mounts slightly weird.

I do want to mention the body armor: OPX Elite Concealable Body Armor IIIA+. I have worn body armor and plate carriers in the past and the feelings went from donning a strait jacket to suffer inside a half iron maiden. This one was amazingly comfortable even though your body knew you were wearing something other than the usual clothing.  The kicker is that it is a soft body armor that supposedly can withstand pistol calibers and up to a 12 gauge slug and a 300 Blk subsonic. Of course, I do not wish to give an AAR on this one or similar products, so I will just post this video.

I wore a medium IRRC and that is priced at almost $800. Pricey, but it is an investment on life after all.
I do need to get them winning Power Ball numbers. [sigh]

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