As I demonstrated in my last post, Francis “Cultural Appropriation” O’Rourke has been running around the country telling everyone he is going to take away their guns.

He’s even selling fundraising shirts with that message.

That’s the part they are not supposed to say out loud.

“We’re going to take your guns” was what anti-gunners said that tinfoil hat-wearing gun-rights activists and the NRA said the Left says to scare them and drive membership.

All of a sudden, Beto has started using the exact language that anti-gunners said was paranoid NRA nonsense.

Now the Democrats are feeling the backlash.

His Holiness, St. Buttigieg of the Sacred Alternative Sexuality* says that Beto is playing right into Republican hands.

Delaware Senator Chris Coons said exactly what I said above about Beto proving that the NRA was not wrong.

Bernie has also jumped into the “we’re going to take your guns” pool.

So now the question is will the rest of the Democrats running for President back away from Beto’s message or will they go full steam ahead into confiscation to appeal to the radical squeaky wheel of the party.

However, seeing some Democrats realize that this radical anti-gun message is not a winner with middle America is fun to watch.


*P.S. I want to make this clear.  That’s not an anti-gay dig, that is an anti-Buttigieg dig.  He is an insufferable prick.  I have never seen a politician act so holier-than-thou.  He’s the worst combination of SJW and Televangelist charlatan.  He will tell you that he knows that God is angry at you for your carbon footprint but partial-birth abortion is fine because life begins with the first breath since that’s in the Bible.  While at the same time he’s the victim because Pence hates him for being gay and that makes Pence a bad Christian for denying God because God made Buttigieg gay.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Some Democrats are mad that Beto said the quiet part out loud.”
  1. “He’s the worst combination of SJW and Televangelist charlatan.”

    To a slightly lesser extent that could apply to all the democrat wannabes.

  2. The thing that irk’s me the most about Mayor Buttigieg is that he’s the sort of gay activist who seemingly has no interests, no hobbies, no personality traits other than “Gay.”

    Has there been a headline about Buttigieg that didn’t explicitly refer to him as gay? Has he gone one debate without mentioning that he’s gay? Has he delivered one stump speech without reminding us?


    1. He has to. He has no choice. If he wasn’t gay, he would be a young, relatively good looking, white male, who went to Harvard and Oxford. His dad was an endowed professor at Notre Dame, which commands a lot of respect, and a solid six figure salary, not including proceeds from publication sales. So Pete didn’t grow up poor or even working class. Upper middle class, well connected all the way.

      So if he wasn’t a victim for being gay, he’d be the most privileged man on that stage, and he can’t be that and have any chance of winning.

      1. The other reason is that he’s a Democrat, the party of identity politics. As such, he must be identified by his group membership, because he can’t validly be considered as an individual.

  3. I’m actually rather grateful to him for saying this. I think it provides significant clarification to all sides.

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