Some investigate journalism of my own

The President called out CNN for their coverage of the arrest of Roger Stone on Twitter.  CNN Responded.

I agree with Miguel on his post.

This was collusion between the #Resistance wing of the FBI and CNN to embarrass Roger Stone, and by extension, Donald Trump.

The perp walk was a Rudy Giuliani tactic back when he was a US Attorney for embarrassing white collar criminals.  It was said me “made an art form out of it.”  The millionaire criminals he arrested could afford the best lawyers to make sure they ended up only paying minimum fines, but the sight of them being taken out of their offices in handcuffs on live TV was the kind of embarrassment that hurt them, and got their country club memberships revoked.

This was the perp walk cranked to 11.

CNN’s Brian Stelter is maintaining that CNN catching this was nothing but good journalism.

Here is some good journalism for you.

Watch CNN.  In the coming months I can all but guarantee you, they will have a new “law enforcement expert” talking head with a high six figure salary, who is also a recently retired high ranking FBI official.

Somebody should ask that expert how he was so lucky to land that job.


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