My worry is that if that they will forget what drove them to take their safety seriously when this particular cycler dies down (if it does) stop training and put the guns away or sell them.

Safety is an active state of mind and continuous work, not a “feeling” of wellness and respite.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “Some lessons are learned in the principle of fear.”
  1. I suppose I shouldn’t be, but I am continually surprised at the ability of otherwise thinking people to forget things, ESPECIALLY those things that mean them harm. The sense of self-preservation seems to be lacking. Strange to me.

    1. BobF, I believe what you’re talking about is due to naivety. The ‘feeling’ that being safe is natural, that it’s reality and anything other than that feeling is unnatural and not reality. And this mindset is understandable in the USA, due to a system which produced the safest environment in human history. So people ‘desire’ to have their safe, warm, comfortable place by default—they were born into it, it’s part of their identity.
      The Jews born in the USA are not the Jews born in Israel. They are two completely different individuals. I had a life from my beginning which enabled me to understand the Jews in Europe and then Israel. I’ve experienced threats against life and liberty at a young age. For anyone living in the USA, it takes experiences of this kind to slap them into true reality.
      One side of me hopes people never have to experience this, but the other side interjects, “you know without it, they’ll be vulnerable and unprotected, sheep for the slaughter………so shut the hell up and get busy.”

  2. If they come for the feeling of safety, my hope is that they learn to know what they are saving themselves from. To learn to shoot as if your life depends on it, is the objective, not the sport of it—I have never shot for the sport of it, for proper moral reasons.
    What I propose to my Jewish customers is to order their thinking correctly, enabling the building of the discipline of lawful self-defense. For the Jew in the USA, I recommend reading Daniel Greenfield, a fellow Jewish journalist who gets it right. From there, begin to learn to shoot. Learn to Aim to win the physical and legal battles that evil will bring to you, whether you like it or not. The world has always been engineered this way, learn to embrace reality.

    Articles to enrich your lives with the truth:

    1. I think I agree. Slightly different thought: I believe you are addressing the nonphysical such as general environment, lifestyle, education, past experiences (or lack of), etc.

      I wonder though, on the physical “I can see it” side of things, at what point do they, and others of the same bent, decide something is of danger to them — big rock, knife, non-black rifle, black rifle, stick of dynamite, stick of dynamite with lit fuse? Or a person shouting insults, a person shouting “KILL, KILL,” or each of those people hiding behind a black balaclava? If there isn’t a personal internal trigger based on the non-physical, what’s the physical threshold? Seems the sensitivities of the two “areas” are a bit askew. Or maybe not. Hard for me to figure because there is so little allowed discussion about it in open society.

      1. The mindset of a Jew in the USA needs to be firmly established within the truth that there are no peaceful Islamists, and defending oneself with lawful deadly force is a right given to them by Jehovah God. Once that is established, I can then address state law and how deadly self-defense is constructed mentally and physically within the law, in real life scenarios students help me jointly construct.
        Learning the personal failure rate of a student’s mental abilities under duress comes first. Next up, add their deadly weapon into the mix–barrel blocked, installed mag topped off with inert round, laser mounted and activated. Again, causing failure is the key. Forcing mental determinations and subsequent physical reactions is the goal. Everyone fails in various situations both mentally-legally, and physically, no matter how skilled they are. I demonstrate this for my students, and we provide the fix together.
        One is only as good at the failures they fix. He who has fixed the most failures, …….wins, usually.
        BobF, you accurately raise “The Challenge” in training. An “internal personal trigger based on the non-physical element”— i.e. mental perception, upon which a lawful physical reaction is formulated and implemented. Once determined it is practiced in a variety of ways until it’s achieved successfully a majority of the time—nothing is 100% successful in all unpredictable situations. But the “risk element’ is reduced, which is all we can hope for in this crazy world.
        Always start the mental process ‘assuming’ worst case scenario. Learn to walk that back through a series of tests imposed in rapid session. Make a decision and act. First act is, breaking contact, while armed to the teeth with the ability to bring it to bear in one second or as fast as possible, whichever comes first. Depending on a person’s ability to achieve this initial mental-physical act, I introduce the option of implementing a pistol mounted camera unit to record video and audio for a legal defense. Not everyone is able to benefit from this option. The legal-risk element for each person is different.
        Any yes, I implement the societal factors created by the racial grievance industrial complex into my training. The “White/Non-White” and ‘Societal Victim/Non-Victim’ factor must be considered.
        We handle reality with all of its illness and variety……it brings “Spice” to the occasion. 😉 No one is bored.

  3. “My worry is that if that they will forget what drove them to take their safety seriously… “
    No need to worry, that is EXACTLY what will happen.
    History if abundantly clear on this front.

    1. Indeed. Not just textbook history, Biblical/Torah history as well.
      I’m not an expert in religious studies, but I’ve read and been told — and it’s true as far as I can tell — that every major Jewish holiday remembrance can be summed up thusly: “They tried to kill us. They failed, we won, with the help of God. Let’s eat!”
      And there are a LOT of Jewish holidays.
      Reading through the Torah/Old Testament, how many times did the Jews turn away from God’s law and end up slaves of other nations — or at best, seen as untrusted interlopers in other nations’ lands — and eventually have to fight their way free and/or rely on miracles to reestablish their culture? I lost count, but IIRC God even said that Jews are His Chosen People, they would always face trials and be attacked by their neighbors, but that they would always overcome if they adhere to God and His commands.
      The long and short is, nothing in this persecution of Jews is new; it’s been going on continually for thousands of years, wherever Hebrews/Jews settle. With that cultural history and background, you’d think they would be far more appreciative and supportive of the right to arms and the right of self- and community-defense, instead of newcomers to the idea.

        1. @Straight Shootr: After Moses was gone for 5 minutes.

          (It’s really because they lost their WiFi connection.)

        2. Ironically, it is the fact that the Jew is by Jehovah God’s command, (that they are His chosen people, His nation among nations, whom Jehovah God would fight for on their behalf, bestowing upon them abilities they did not naturally possess, as long as they did in fact abide in the promise of Jehovah God, which was made known to them by the hand of Moses, who was the very mouthpiece of God to the nation,) and therefore exists not due to their own constructs, but by Jehovah’s constructs and therefore Jehovah God would fight for them and never break His promise that they would be a people forever as God is forever.
          Now, this does not mean the Jews have the God-given ability to construct their own system of defense and that Jehovah God would bless that construct. He didn’t go with them when they lost against the Assarians, nor the Babylonians, nor Rome, or Islam. Jehovah God has allowed the enslaving of His people, as Archer said, when they left the Laws of Moses and opted instead for other gods of this world.
          But just as Egypt of old, benefited by the enslavement of Abraham’s children for over 434 years, before the exodus under a weak Pharoah, so too did all nations who enslaved the Jew since Egypt, benefited as never before in their individual histories.
          It is these historical facts which inspires the Jew to wait on Jehovah God first and foremost. Its Jehovah God’s will that they defer to in all cases of war, and the peace that results afterward.
          I will not continue further asserting my beliefs of the New Testament, and how it will relate to the Jewish People of Jehovah, out of respect. It’s Jehovah’s God business, and I have nothing to do with that.

      1. You are correct, to the best of my knowledge. Every Jewish holiday is recognizing some attempt at genocide.
        Passover is likely the least genocide driven because it was God helping the Jews escape slavery, but the rest…
        And, curiously Jewish history is full of stories where the Jews placed themselves directly on the path to those genocide attempts.
        So, no… history is abundantly clear on this front, the Jews as a whole will learn nothing.

  4. My hope is that they come for the personal safety and feeling of empowerment, stay for the fun and community, and then realize who is enabling the people who would kill them, and stop voting for those cretins.
    But this is California — and not just California, this is L.A. — so that might be two steps too much to hope for.

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