I know we are supposed to condemn mob action whenever we see it.  Free speech is good but aggressively yelling at politicians is not acceptable.

Blow me.

This is what Nancy Pelosi faced in Miami.

First of all, that is not anywhere near as bad as what Republican Senators faced over the Kavanaugh vote.

Second of all, let’s drop the moral relativism.

What Antifa and the Left want is the power to rule over you.  They want Justices who create law or engage in Bizarro interpretations of the Constitution to restrict your rights.  They want to impose socialism on you, with all the violence ad furry that entails.  The unhinged lunacy they demonstrated makes it clear that if they had the power, they would have no compunction against shoving you and everyone you love into a death camp or standing you up before a firing squad to get what they want.

This group of people was screaming and cursing Nancy Pelosi for standing with Barbara Lee, and stumping for Donna Shalala.

Let me remind you what Barbara Lee did.

This is Congresswoman Lee’s official statement on the death of Fidel Castro.

‎”My deepest condolences to Fidel Castro’s family and the Cuban people during this time.

While there are many disagreements between our countries, President Castro was a recognized world leader who was dedicated to the Cuban people.

‎It is my hope that we continue to build on President Obama’s efforts to end the failed embargo, lift the‎ travel ban and normalize relations between our two countries.‎”

She praised Fidel Castro and criticized Donald Trump in the same speech.

“We need to stop and pause and mourn his loss,” Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, said in a phone interview.

When she learned the news, Lee said, “I was very sad for the Cuban people. “He led a revolution in Cuba that led social improvements for his people.”

In her eight meetings with Castro over the years, Lee said, she found him to be “a smart man. A historian. He wanted normal relations with the United States but not at the expense of the accomplishments of the revolution.”

Fidel Castro, whose revolution killed tens of thousands of Cubans and turned the island into one of the most repressive nations in the Western Hemisphere.

Nancy Pelosi’s official statement was barely any better.

The death of Fidel Castro marks the end of an era for Cuba and the Cuban people. After decades under Fidel’s doctrine of oppression and antagonism, there is hope that a new path for Cuba is opening.

“In recent years, we have seen both the opportunity and the responsibility to break free of the past and build new bonds of friendship. With the bold leadership of President Obama, the U.S. and Cuba have already taken historic steps toward a new, forward-looking relationship between our peoples. We are hopeful this progress will continue under the new Administration.

“Still, we meet this day with clear eyes. Generations of Cuban political prisoners, democracy activists and families suffered under Fidel Castro’s rule. In their name, we will continue to press the Cuban regime to embrace the political, social, and economic dreams of the Cuban people.”

Any statement about the death of Castro that didn’t involve phrases like “mass murmuring piece of shit” and “I hope the devil sodomizes him for eternity in hell” are weak tea.

Nobody hates communists more than the people who fled communism.

The old Cubans have a burning hatred in their heart for Castro and communism and praising that does not go over well down there.

One of the most beautiful – and as the same time heartbreaking – things I’ve ever seen happened in Miami.  Some dumbass college kid was thought it would be hip to wear his olive drab Che shirt.  This old Cuban woman, she had to be in her 80’s, saw it and started screaming and cursing at him in the angriest Spanish I have ever heard.  She hobbled up to him, stood eye to chest with this kid, and then proceed to beat his ass with an extendable aluminum hospital cane while screaming (forgive my bad Spanish) “Che mata mis hermanos” over and over again.  “Che killed my brothers.”

Literally hitting him in the head with an aluminum cane.

Condemn political violence all you want, but if you wear a Che shirt in Miami, and an old Cuban who watcher her family murdered in the Revolution wears your ass out with a cane, you deserve that shit.

I’d love nothing more than to find the last of the First Wave Cubans, arm them, drive them up to Portland and let them loose on Antifa.  Watch some Democrat Socialist college punk get his teeth knocked out by a geriatric Cuban taking 60 years of pent up anti-socialist anger out on him with a pick axe handle.

So the rest of the country maybe ready to condemn this as a mob, but not Miami.

This is from Politico, but was written by Marc Caputo, who hails from Miami and was a writer with the Miami Herald.

Shalala walks into anti-Castro buzz saw
How a campaign event with Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee went terribly wrong.

That’s a headline that represents the Miami attitude.

There’s a simple rule in running for Congress in Miami: Don’t campaign with someone who praised Fidel Castro and fought sanctions against Venezuela’s dictatorial regime.

Spot fucking on.  It s like trying to run for Congress in Wisconsin and attend a campaign rally in a Vikings jersey.

But Donna Shalala didn’t figure it out until it was too late.

In a district filled with Castro-hating Cuban-Americans and Venezuelan exiles, Shalala’s campaign committed an egregious gaffe — and set off a round of Democratic finger-pointing — by posting an announcement that she would hold a campaign event Wednesday with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Californian, Rep. Barbara Lee.

Lee’s visit was ultimately canceled, but not before Shalala was savaged in a debate by her Republican opponent. Shalala and Pelosi were also protested by Republicans, some of whom pounded on the door outside and shouted “go back to Cuba!” “commie!” and “witches!”

The GOP is seizing on this with a vengeance.

Here is the translation:

Donna Shalala is not from Miami, she doesn’t speak Spanish, and she doesn’t understand our community. 

Why else would Shalala want to campaign with a Congresswoman who praised Castro and defended the ruthless regime in Venezuela?

Donna Shalala promoted an event on her web site with Congresswoman Barbara Lee. 

Congresswoman Lee said Castro’s death should be mourned giving respect to his brutal dictatorship and human rights abuses.

Donna Shalala’s political ally Barbara Lee even lobbied President Obama to oppose sanctions on Maduro’s regime in Venezuela. 

It’s outrageous.  Defending Castro and Maduro is offensive to the political prisoners and a slap in the face to the exiles in Miami. 

Donna Shalala should be ashamed.
She shouldn’t be our congresswoman.

That’s some serious burn right there.

Other people on the Right can say stuff like this:

They have their right.

If you go soft on Castro in Miami and a bunch of old Cubans and their children curse you out, I’m not going to condemn it.  You deserve so much worse than that.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Some lip service and some honesty”
  1. Unfortunately, it appears that the Right lowering themselves to the tactics of the Left is the only effective way to combat them. It’s sad, but taking the moral high ground has been a losing strategy for the Right for years. That’s why the Left hates Trump so much, he’s beating them at their own game. What else can good Americans do anymore? Turning the other cheek for dignity’s sake seems to have about the same results as capitulating.

    1. That isn’t lowering to the standards of the left: Pelosi and Shalala weren’t out for a quiet dinner with their families; they were holding a campaign event. That is plain-spoken, open, political protest. They beat on a door? They didn’t break it in, or start a fire, or start a riot.

  2. Again, to them, a Cuban is a Venezuelan is a Mexican. To them, all those Spanish speakers look alike, and probably all want open borders.
    I really expect that San Fran Nan was super surprised that those Miami Mexicans were mad at her, and her staff spent fruitless hours trying to explain that there’s more than just Mexico south of the border.

  3. That’s okay, Brandon. You go home and groom your bowtie collection while the rest of America gets the job done.
    And when we win, remember that tis wasn’t YOUR victory.

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