By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Some of that white supremacists anti-Asian violence”
  1. And EVERYONE stands around “videoing “ these animals…. Can’t gun em, can you say walking sticks, canes, ect.?? This shiite will go on until the people stand up to it and give back harder than they get. Ridiculous. You can’t pay me enough to live there..

    1. Then you as the law abiding citizen with no pirors end up in lock up and get a modification for a race related crime, get to stay in the ol pokey on the govs dime because now you don’t get bail, and you now get to spend 1-10 years abd all of your money playing legal games that are essentially equivalent to playing non stop games of russian roulette to hopefully prevail legally. All while the attackers get turned loose with no bail the next day and you get to be sued by them regardless of legal outcome.

      Yea I wonder why no one does anything but stand around.

  2. I don’t entirely blame them. In places like that, you’re more likely to get prosecuted than the original attackers.

    Plus it’s situations like this that caused the whole ‘stop asian hate’ movement to disappear pretty quickly.

  3. With TantivV on this one.
    I see a fight that I have no dog in, and I am out of there.
    Not going to court for someone I have never met, nor will I end up in the hospital or morgue because I misjudged the situation. It is curious how an entire train car of people can turn on you suddenly.

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