ATLANTA – Rep. Dexter Sharper (D)* didn’t vote to allow guns to be carried in more places in Georgia last year. But when the so-called “guns everywhere” law took effect last summer and permitted firearms in bars, schools, churches and government offices, the legislator from Valdosta found himself applying for a license.
Sharper, a Democrat who works as a paramedic, said he didn’t want to be caught somewhere as the only person without a firearm. It’s a growing possibility in his district in Lowndes County, which now issues more than double the number of licenses it did five years ago.
While Sharper and his .32-caliber Kel-Tec may no longer be outgunned, he said he now realizes that his pistol is of little use without guidance as to what to do with it. He suspects other inexperienced, gun-toting Georgians know too little about the state’s gun laws, or how to safely use and store firearms, as well.
Sharper is proposing that those who get a license to carry firearms be required to take a gun safety class.  (* I added the “D”)

via State considers required safety classes for gun permits – The Tifton Gazette: News.

I will admit publicly that I read this article before I had my obligatory dose of caffeine so I might be just a skosh cranky.

Let me see if I am reading this right: He did not support Georgia’s Gun Laws, but he had no qualms taking advantage of them and getting himself a gun to carry. He realizes that he may need additional training and instead exercising some initiative and take the training, this idle-minded moron’s only attempt at discharging low-level electric current through the neurons in his brain is to come up with a bill (which he will now be exempted) demanding that people must take a class or else they are not worth of exercising their Second Amendment Right?

I am gonna get some coffee….

Update: More details here. Hat tip to Jeff A.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Some officials should be slapped out of office.”
  1. I’m glad you added the D because what this legislator did totally follows Dem logic. Think about how they help the poor. Do they donate to charity? No, of course not. They pass legislation that increases OTHER PEOPLE’S taxes to pay for increased welfare benefits, then they hide their money in tax shelters.

  2. “he didn’t want to be caught somewhere as the only person without a firearm.”

    Their paranoia helps make sense of why these people are anti-gun, but just for once I wish they’d open their eyes and realize that they are the crazy ones, not us.

  3. It’s a stereotype, but that’s liberal psychology in a nutshell.

    You’ve seen the meme “If a conservative doesn’t like X, they don’t do it. If a liberal doesn’t like X, they want to make sure NOBODY can do it”.

    In this case, if a liberal thinks he needs training, he’s going to mandate that EVERYBODY get training.

    I don’t understand, but it must be in the DNA.

    1. Bring back gun training in middle school or high school. Liberal craniums would absolutely explode, which isn’t the primary reason for doing it, but is an entertaining side-effect of a societal good 🙂

  4. D (dipshit). Covers most politicians.

    Start with Eddie eagle for grades K-6, twice a year. Start in grade 7 with actual hands on training, no ammo. Safe gun handling, basic maintenance and safe storage practices. 8th and up. More gun handling plus live fire on a range. Both rifle and shotgun. 11th, add handgun safety and live fire.

    There would be a lot less accidental kids shooting kids.

    We have mandatory training here in Iowa. Since the NRA helped write the bill, you have to be a NRA certified instructor to be able to give the class. Even though I had a written curriculum and was a firearms instructor in the military, I can’t give the classes. Thanks NRA you assholes.

    I’m not a fan of required training. I think that if you want to carry, you should be smart enough to seek out the best training you can. I’ve been teaching a couple people gun safety and marksmanship at no charge. When they are ready to start carrying, they are going to have to find a instructor and spend $50 just to get “permission” from the state.

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