Forget dump sacking.  Anyone who gives this to a child deserves to have their front porch hosed down with the entire content of a septic tank pumping truck.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Some people are permanently broken – Halloween edition”
  1. They hate fun. And more importantly they hate you having fun.

    I would have lit it on fire.

    On another note I had about 450 pieces of candy to give out and I had less than 60 left when I was done. A lot more kids than last year and I would say good 50% more than the year before that. But when you are one of only four people in the neighborhood that go all out with the decorating and two of them didn’t because one moved away and the other physically can’t do it not surprising a lot of people showed up.

  2. I hate Branch Covidians with a burning fury hotter than a thousand suns. What a complete piece of shit this guy is.

  3. Presumably that’s the same guy you quoted here recently, arguing that bread lines are a good thing because they bring people together.
    Hm, so what does that say about bread lines during a pandemic? 🙂

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