You guys know I’m an unapologetic supporter of gun rights.

Some people are too fucking stupid to own them.

This woman in Montana wanted to do a predator hunt and ended up bagging and skinning a Husky.



That was somebody’s pupper that that dumb bitch yeeted.

But it doesn’t end there.

She got her wolf tag after she smoked Balto.



Good, I hope they jam her up hard.

I agree with the person above.  Anyone who can’t tell a wolf from a husky shouldn’t be hunting or have guns.

The number one duty of a law abiding gun owner is to be responsible.

Know your target and what’s behind it.

Knowing your target means knowing of the game animal you think you’re shooting at is actually a neighborhood pet.

Fucking dumb ass.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Some people need their guns taken away (warning)”
  1. I agree she’s an irresponsible idiot. But the dog owner failed to follow the law “TITLE 07. LOCAL GOVERNMENT. CHAPTER 23. DOMESTIC ANIMAL CONTROL AND PROTECTION. PART 1. LOCAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF DOGS.

    7-23-101. Dog collar and license tag required

    It is unlawful, when part 21, 7-23-4103, and this part apply, for any person to own, harbor, or keep any dog over the age of 5 months or to permit a dog owned, harbored, or controlled by the person to run at large unless the dog has attached to its neck a substantial collar on which is fastened a license tag issued by the authority of a county or a municipal corporation for the purpose of identifying the dog and designating the owner. It is lawful to remove the collar and license tag when the dog is under the immediate control of its owner or the owner’s agent.”

      1. Of course I have. Pretty much everyone has. It’s not illegal to shoot a “wild” dog though. The only part of this story that might have been illegal was the loose dog. She is still a major idiot though.

  2. If she can’t properly ID “wolf” vs. “dog”, I’m kinda nervous about her bear hunt.

    “Hey, why does Yogi have hooves? And an udder?”

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