From the Metro UK:

Child rapist’s head shoved down filthy toilet by other inmates

The rapist begs for mercy as he is whipped with a cable and forced to take off his clothes in front of the filthy toilet. Leading him into the bathroom, they tell him ‘take off your clothes before I whack you in the head, bro.’

Another says ‘put his head in the toilet’ and as he tries to leave he is shoved back inside saying ‘that’s too much. You’re violating me now.’ A second stomach-churning video show him screaming ‘oh my days’ as his head is forced inside the toilet bowl.

He was convicted with imprisoning a girl in a flat in north London and raping her along with two other men who forced her to perform oral sex on them. The Ministry of Justice is looking into the incident.


Is “stomach-churning” one of those phrases that means something different in the US and UK?

And the idea of a child rapist whining those other inmates are “violating me now” has overloaded my irony detector.

Frankly, considering how light the sentences have been for child rapists and sex groomers in the UK, I’m glad to see them getting some prison justice.

Yeah, on this topic I’m an evil son-of-a-bitch.  I’ll tell you straight up, I have no tolerance for child molesters.  I absolutely 100% believe that the rape of a child by an adult should be a mandatory death penalty sentence on the first offense.  Dead child rapists don’t recidivate.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Some quality morning entertainment”
  1. I agree they need to be removed from society.

    Except we have seen where well meaning but hysterical prosecutors have railroaded innocent people using bogus recovered memories that were falsely imprinted into children’s minds. Remember the McMartin Daycare persecution? Children told fantastical stories about children being killed, hidden rooms, and worse. “Children never lie.” None of it happened.

    There was a similar miscarriage of justice in the 1980’s in Jordan Minnesota too. I read the stories, saw the newscasts as it happened. I believed the horrific stories were true. All of it was false. Ginned up hysteria and a lynch mob attitude. A friend’s kindly, caring Mother who lived in nearby Prior Lake was following the case and the aftermath. She set me straight a few years after it occurred. If she had her way, that prosecutor and a bunch of child abuse experts would be the ones that were executed. People’s lives were destroyed by hysteria.

  2. In my opinion, people that falsely accuse somebody of rape should, if found guilty, be punished by the same sentence that the accused would have gotten. It is a horrendous crime that happens way to often.

    The person I thought of as my friend was accused by his daughters of sexually abusing him. I withheld judgement while supporting the girls. He was found guilty (and he was guilty as fucking sin) and is now serving multiple 30 year sentences, consecutively. I.e. he will spend the rest of his life in the special prison for child molesters.

    I remember being interviewed by the lead detective. This ass wipe had accused me of being a part of his sickness. I asked the detective: What has he accused me of? Detective: He says you watched while he did it.

    I laughed in disbelieve, nobody believed ass wipe. “Does he not realize that he has just admitted his guilt?” was my answer after I stopped laughing.

    Detective: We don’t know, he’s not that sharp.

    But the real question was when the detective asked me me “What do you think his punishment should be?”

    Me: After he is found guilty, he should be placed in gen-pop.

    The detective looked and me and nodded. He and I both understood that I was suggesting that ass wipe should be tortured and then killed for his crimes.

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