I’ll be brief and to the point which means I’ll just post what Tom sent me without his comments…hehehe.

First: The Most Talked About Thing in the SHOT show this year by the non-cognoscenti was …(drum roll) nope, not the Kimber Revolver but the EAA Booth Babe:

EAA Booth Babe
With apologies to Grant Cunnigham 🙂

From what I heard and read in the Book of Faces, there are certain redheaded female instructors that had put a bounty on the poor woman…Just kidding… I hope.

Also, the Cuban BBQ Gun has been found and even Dennis B. from Dragon Leatherworks has promised to create a proper holster with rhinestones and everything:

Desert Eagle Cuban BBQ Gun

Kidding aside, Tom has done his work for his side of the gun thing but also has been kind enough to look on my request for the ultimate Truck Gun. Being himself a joker, he sent me this from Range day:

truck gun

Not quite what I wanted, but I will most definitely take it.

And again, Tom is a pro, this is how you do SHOT show:

Planning SHOT

I’ll be back tomorrow with part 2 and some other backlogged stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Some SHOT stuff by our valiant correspondent, Tom W. (Part 1)”
  1. I need to go to the SHOT show. That it’s in Vegas is just a plus.

    I also noticed that I didn’t get a invite from NSSF this year. I need to check and see if my subscription is expired.

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