This was how Kamala Harris talked about eliminating private health insurance and going to Medicare for All.

There are almost 500,000 people employed in the health insurance industry.  That doesn’t include the people who work in the doctor’s offices and for health care providers processing insurance on the provider end.

Total annual revenue for the health insurance industry is $840 Billion.

Then there is all the stock value associated with these companies.

How do you make all of that just “eliminate all of that [and just] move on?”

What would happen to the economy with that much money and that many jobs disappearing?

What about ever employee’s 401K that has some heath insurance stock?

It would make the housing bubble and subprime mortgage crisis look like a hiccup.

But nobody at CNN’s town hall asked her that.

If she wins, we’re going to be eating stray dogs and zoo animals.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Somebody want to ask Kamala Harris this question”
  1. Never mind the insurance companies. What about pharmaceutical and medical device companies? Those will be devastated by socialist price controls. Think Britain-level innovation (i.e., “not”) vs. the current US status as the hotbed of innovation that supports the world. If the USA is no longer creating medical innovation, which it wouldn’t under these schemes, then the whole world will be stuck with what they have now. Or more precisely, with less, because price controls means that anything that isn’t dirt cheap will just disappear.

  2. They’ll go to work for the government and heath care providers doing what they always do, just for a different, and less efficient provider. I note that those (not of independent means) who promote “Medicare for all” are too young to have “enjoyed” the pleasure of being on Medicare and having to convince a disinterested bureaucrat of the need for a particular treatment regimen or a specific medication.

  3. If – G-d forbid – she wins and does this… all the Leftists will, when told of rationing and long wait lines, say BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT…

    And you can count on it: when shown all the warnings that this would happen, will STILL not believe it.

  4. If she wins, we’re going to be eating stray dogs and zoo animals.

    No, you’re going to be feeding liberals to hogs, thereby addressing two problems at once. Why does everyone assume Americans will get on the boxcars, when they aren’t obeying new gun registration and confiscation laws?

  5. Stray dogs?
    Zoo animals?
    Oh no no no my friend… I’ll be dining on liberals. Cannibalism needs to come back into vogue.

  6. The U.S. government couldn’t successfully sell sex and booze.

    But sure, they can successfully run an industry that represents 1/6 of the economy … by eliminating it entirely.

    By eliminating it, they also eliminate the tax revenues generated from it, at all levels. How, then, do they propose paying for Medicare for All — which will require a 20% increase in tax revenues — after they reduce those tax revenues by nearly 20%?

    Then again, it’s a feature, not a bug. The Socialists cannot take over until the system collapses. The Dems’ task right now is to speed the collapse.

  7. The only way libertarianism can happen in this country is for it to rise from the ashes of a completely collapsed economy. I don’t know, maybe it’s better to get it over with sooner rather than later.

  8. Do you all remember who Harris is? When the California circuit court panel overturned the San Diego sheriff, who denied a citizen a concealed weapon permit, and ruled that the State’s “may issue” law was unconstitutional — it was none other than attorney general Harris who forced a review by the En Banc circuit court, packed with anti-gun politicians. The En Banc ruling overturned the panel’s ruling — even though the Sheriff was going to comply — and said that the ruling of the lower court could stand. Against shall issue. That is Harris in a nutshell.

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