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11 thoughts on “Somehow, I don’t think hunger is her problem.”
  1. Leaving aside the issue of whether government-issued charity is a good idea … I suppose it’s hard to regulate what is and isn’t acceptable to purchase under such programs.

    1. Not really. There are items that are purchasable with WIC, and ones that aren’t. I know Kroger puts a symbol on the price tags of items that are, and indicates them on their website, too.

  2. The only people more despicable than those who body shame are those who have successfully lost weight and mock those who are still struggling.

    1. Curious… how do you know the woman in the picture is struggling?
      Aside from not getting her SNAP benefits, I do not see any struggle at all.

    2. “The only people more despicable than those who body shame are those who have successfully lost weight and mock those who are still struggling”

      Rilly? Hamas in there on your scale-o-despicable?

      How about Zhao Bribem, and the, you should pardon the expression, Southern “Border”? Let’s connect those dots with both human trafficking, and fentanyl importation, as intermediaries of destruction of people’s lives, and THAT isn’t near the (pardon me for me firehouse language lapse) motherfucking TOP of your despicable scale?

      Homie, you are not tall enough for this ride. You sound deeply unserious, and thoroughly self absorbed. Were this my blog, I’d invite you to sit in your corner sucking your thumb, cuddling your woobie, until you grow some-and I mean as in adulting.

  3. The standard response is:
    “Those on food stamps are fat because they lack knowledge about eating healthy.”
    “Poor nutrition, not lack of “food” is the reason why food stamp recipients are fat.”
    And, it is BS. If you eat garbage and sit around all day doing nothing, you will be fat. End of story. Education has nothing to do with it. No one, and I mean no one with an IQ above 50 thinks a good diet consists of chips, candy, and soda.

  4. hhhhmmm. heres a thought- GET AN F’in JOB!! ever single person who goes on camera to whine about not getting foodstamps could stand to miss a couple meals. sympathy is between shiite and sphyilis…. I have none for those sucking the gubmint tit. welcome to the land of opportunity where you have the choice to help yourself.. rant out!

  5. When the media do stories on hungry welfare leaches not getting their “benefits” they invariably show images of a mayo tanker who has probably killed a couple of her offspring by accidentally sitting on them. It’s almost like the media morons don’t understand the concept of “optics”.

  6. TDD (The Darling Daughter) was working her single mother self through her bachelor’s degree. Her child was on ‘csid, because she, the child, was medically fragile. As in frequent peds ICU flyer, medically fragile. This was like 15 years ago.

    Last summer, TDD revealed to me that she had gone to bed hungry multiple times, back then, so that her child would have supper.

    (A) TDD is a WOMAN, of whom I am tremendously proud.

    (B) had she TOLD me that, I would resolved her pantry problem is a freaking heartbeat.

    (C) Ms Mayo Tanker, should she exert percentages of the discipline TDD has demonstrated daily for nigh onto 20 years, (I) would be a model of nutrition we all would applaud and marvel at, as well as (II) able to chart her own life course, and FOAD to the midwits at the food stamp office, as she would be independent of them and their par-for-goobermint incompeyence.

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