Let me get this straight:

DeSantis was leading in the polls.  Florida has no “election irregularities” because Florida fixed that shit (Florida only makes mistakes once).  DeSantis blows Crist out of the fucking water with 60% of the vote.

Rubio was favored in the polls and he won in Florida.

JD Vance was leading in the polls.  There were no “voting irregularities” in Ohio and he won with 53% of the vote.

Dr. Oz beat the fucking pants off of John Fetterman in the debate and was leading in the polls.  There were “voting irregularities” and Fetterman won.

Keri Lake was leading in the polls.  There were “voting irregularities” in Arizona and her opponent Katie Hobbs won.

It seems like in states without “voting irregularities” the Republican favored in the polls won.

In states with “voting irregularities” the Republican favored in the polls lost.

Something seems fucky to me.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Something seems fucky here”
    1. I expect lots of whining, lots of “we won’t vote our way out of this” chest-thumping and “let’s you and him fight” idiocy, and near zero effort put in by voters to force their representatives to do something.

  1. Democrat enclaves can’t run an election to save their lives. Every election we have problems in New Haven and its been the same registrar of voters for like 20 years and they still can’t get it right. Its not even malice, just plain incompetence there.

  2. It’s the most importantest election in the history of EVER!
    Ergo, it’s much too important to worry about fiddly details like doing it right or having the results be trustworthy.

  3. Democrat Leftist have figured out a method by which to steal the vote, and steal it within the protection of the laws on the books…within the respective states with majority democrat control And you can bet that the results of the mid-terms is all part of what democrat leftist believe they will need to win the presidential election in two years. Again as it was two years ago, so again, democrat leftist need five to six states where they can work their voodoo magic.

    They used the US Census to fraudulently give them an advantage in these same key states. And they have at least two or three other tricks they can legally use to ensure a victory, no matter what. I predict the political opposition to the lefist liberals will never have control in the USA again.

  4. Arizona is definitely interesting.
    First of all, one of the candidates is the Secretary of State, and in charge of the elections. But, did not recuse herself from the process. Nothing suspicious there, right?
    Additionally, the same county that fought tooth and nail against a top to bottom audit of the 2020 election had issues in this one? Gee, who would have thought it???
    Finally, there were some 71,000 questionable ballots identified in the 2020 election audit (if I remember correctly), but no one bothered to do anything to stop that in the future. Gee, what party is in charge of the election system in AZ? (HINT: It is the Secretary of State).
    But, I am sure the election in AZ will be declared the cleanest ever. And, the election in GA will be declared proof that their voting laws are racist, and despite the ridiculously high voter turn out (for a mid-term), the claims of voter suppression will ring out loud and long.

  5. What Ive seen up here may have some effects- poor voter turn out especially in blue run cities..
    We DO get the gubmint we deserve…

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