Miguel touched on this but it threw me into a tizzy.


She stole a full automatic weapons from the Texas National Guard.

She smuggly bragged about it on Twitter thinking she’s a good person.

She chastised and insulted the Guardsmen who are patrolling our borders and goes so far as to nit pick them for not wearing seat belts.

She’s a Leftist so she’s smug and secure in her knowledge that she won’t get in an ounce of trouble for this.

Had anyone else stolen an M4 from the Guard out of a Guard vehicle, they would be the recipient of their own one man Waco re-enactment.

But she’s safe to act like a stern kindergarten teacher taking away a naughty child’s toy.

God damn our system is broken.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Sometimes its the little stories that really piss me off”
    1. But was the bolt removed or was the weapon disabled in some other manner, perhaps?

      But I doubt she knows what to look for..

      1. Bolt pushing the dustcover open leads me to believe its been function-tested or chamber checked and operational. Regardless, there’s clearly an auto-sear pin, and that means she’s an unlicenced possessor.

  1. I followed the twitter thread for a bit. She also posted a close up of the fire selector switch. The “burst” has been X’ed out and AUTO stamped under it.

    I don’t care how careless you might be, you don’t let a civilian get that close to your weapon.

    From her story it looks like she felt that having the NG on property she managed/controlled gave her the right to break into cars and take what she wanted. Since she said she didn’t want the NG on her property.

    I wonder if she has the appropriate No Trespassing signage?

    It looks to me like the NG was attempting to be kind by not carrying a slung weapon as people like her get freaked when they see black rifles. She found a truck that should have been locked, took the gun and then hid it for a while before returning it.

    Lots and lots of bad things. Of course nothing bad will happen to her.

  2. You’re absolutely right. Smug, entitled, and schoolmarmish.

    OTOH she has a point.

    I refer the reader to the Gun Free Zone’s editorial policy regarding unsecured weapons in unlocked vehicles, many articles.

    I’m sure several people received a stern talking to that day.

    1. Yes, the Guard should secure their weapons better, but it’s not the responsibility of a civilian to teach that lesson by stealing a fucking machine gun.

  3. She din steal nuffin. She jes took a danger and gave it to a safe responsible authority.

    It was a valuable lesson. Some cartel bad ass could have toasted Guardies when they came back from their piss break. Embarrassment may make the lesson stick. It is better than sending a box back to Momma with a cheap ribbon. Ask the Ruskies how careless is paid off. The Ukrainian black dirt is fertile for a reason. The Texas NG must be having trouble recruiting people with even an average IQ.

    That seat belt thing is relative. If you have to bail to chase a goony or to check out something suspicious, you don’t want to be entangled in the DOT hardware mandated by the dim with the plastic tits. Better take your rifle with you when you bail. Leave all the stupid back with your city tennies.

    How did they load so much stupid in that vehicle?

  4. What did the NG do wrong, was their skirt too short?

    Hypocrisy? What is that? Is it tasty?

    Then again, I suppose that’s my fault for expecting better from a man who once gleefully declared that adamantly pro-life women deserve to be violently raped for daring to have a political opinion he disagreed with.

    1. Please ignore the second half of this comment.
      Drunk me is kind of an asshole, and the time to call JKB out on that post he made about a radio host and his wife publicly supporting an abortion law was back when he first said it, not over a year later.

  5. This is a holy shit for a few reasons. I’d like to know more about what the national guard was doing there though.

  6. Shame she did not have a negligent discharge and cause significant property damage. A few holes in her walls and windows would be nice.

  7. Stupid all around here. I doubt very much if she had any sense on how to handle such a weapon, and as a result put herself or others in more danger by taking it. But it shouldn’t have been left unlocked either.
    But it’s not a theft. Theft generally requires an “intent to permanently deprive,” and she clearly didn’t have that. Temporary deprivation, perhaps.
    It’s the posting on social media that’s the problem. Had she turned it in to the authorities, or even called the NG authorities and made sure that the Guardsman got an ass-chewing, I’d have more sympathy towards her.

  8. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I thought wearing seatbelts in such a fashion was standard with army/military. It allows you to deass the vehicle quickly if you are under fire. I have never served so I could just be regurgitating BS I learned on the internet. Regardless I hope this woman is prosecuted. She put the evidence out there for the world to see.

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