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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes Twitter is actually fun.”
  1. Considering that some female arrestees have been caught smuggling pistols into jail by sashing them in their private area, the obvious question the TSA screener needs to answer: “Is that a c**k in your panties or a Glock?”

    1. Remember that hashtag that was trending when the feminists were throwing dildos at gun-rights supporters?


      This takes that hashtag to a whole new level. 😉

      1. And I’m still waiting for the Austrian gun maker to combine their plastic molding and lifestyle brand to offer a genuine Glock brand Glock Cock.

  2. “women have had penises since ancient Greece…”

    Uh, now, I’m not a smart man, but those folks born with penises? They are called, in English, “men”.

    And, those folks born without them? And vaginas and uteri? “Women”.

    Welcome to the world of “sexual reproduction”. Since shortly (in geologic terms) after the introduction of multicellular organisms.

  3. “some women have penises. Get over it.”

    Hahahahaha! (wheeze, cough) Hehehehehe!

    No, really, dude! Keep talking! You, uh, you, uh, have any children? Like, other than adopted? You *do* know how that stuff works, uh, right?

    Women: (n) those who conceive, carry, and deliver (“give birth to”) children

    Men (n): those who contribute sperm, to facilitate conception.

    English. It’s a thing. (No pun intended)

    1. My transgender husband and I have two children. They’re not adopted. You’re conflating biological sex (male, female) with social gender (masculine, feminine).

      Now, to be fair, for something like 99% of humanity, biology and social role “match.” Most men have an XY karyotype (male sex) and a masculine gender presentation. Most women have a XX karyotype and a female gender presentation.

      However, there are people for whom this is not the case. Gender dysphoria is a well-documented medical condition with clear diagnostic criteria and treatment options. The most effective treatment seems to be transitioning from one gender to the other.

      Having said all that, yes, when a transgender person is subjected to invasive screening procedures used by the TSA they should expect extra difficulty… The solution for this (in my radical libertarian mind) is to abolish the TSA. God knows they’re not actually any good at their actual job.

      1. The fundamental problem here, is the scanner only cares about hardware, so to speak. There are many options for dealing with this, such as ways of telling the machine ahead of time which, ah, configuration to use as a baseline for comparison.

        Re the TSA, I disagree … they are great at their jobs. If you consider their main job to be getting the American public more amenable(or at least used) to being hassled, belittled and arbitrarily regulated.

  4. I have been in and out of Twitter Jail ever since I first logged into it. Search on me now on Twitter and you will see I am being punished (@witold_pilecki). Right now it’s for a tweet I don’t even remember from over two years ago, but the last time was for my opinion that “Transgenderism Is Mental Illness.” That got me seven days AFTER I deleted the offending tweet. Right now I am following the lead of Professor John Lott, and leaving the tweet intact in protest. Eff `em!

    1. That’s especially troubling… It is a mental illness. Just ask any reputable psychologist or psychiatrist. Hell, head to the library and grab a copy of the DSM-5:

      Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) (5th ed.). Washington, DC and London: American Psychiatric Publishing. pp. 451–460.

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