This fucking guy and this fucking thread:

So the Progressive Utopia of San Francisco, where Leftists have total monopolistic control, is a violent, decaying, shithole of neurotic Leftists attacking each other.

So he is moving to Miami, but he already hates Miami because Florida is an icky Red state and is somehow worse than the shithole he was forced to flee.

But that is not where this story ends, oh no.

Half the internet called him out for this glaring hypocrisy.

Rather than have a moment of introspection, he kept digging.


I’ll be happy to tell him.

He sees all the symptoms of the Progressive disease but absolutely, steadfastly refuses to admit that the core ideals of Progressivism is wrong.

This is the Progressive version of “that wasn’t real Socialism” every time nation fails.

Instead, he’s going to relocate to a place he is already complaining about, run by a leader he hates, and will work diligently to ruin it by trying to create another Progressive Utopia.

Red States need to impose a 100% (or more) sales tax on homes purchased by people from Blue States.

And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised is this guy’s house caught fire shortly after moving in.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Soon to be the most hated man in Florida”
  1. Point 4 wow. That’s a pretty big admission for any true blue person to make.

    But yea, complains about inability to protect oneself then goes ew guns. He seems to take the introspection and examination of the state of life and SF 3/4 of the way and refuses to make that last leap.

  2. This is why Twitter is hot garbage for educating people like this.

    He’s so close. He hasn’t QUITE taken the redpill. But he’s close.

    But you need to grab him, sit him down (over a cup of coffee, I’m not a savage), and explain in no-nonsense terms that prog voting and policy is what made SF the hell hole it is today — just like many other urban centers.

    Twitter’s a poor way to do that.

    1. >Twitter’s a poor way to do that.

      It’s by design. Easy to diseminate propaganda, but hard to have nuanced discussions that require thinking and time to digest. They want you to have a short attention span and just repeat their talking points. Social media was a mistake.

  3. I do not know who this Hari dude(?) is and will not bother finding out.
    Hari’s may not be “fuck SF” but it says “fuck Miami”. People like Hari cannot be sat down for a talk. We are way past that. Hari needs to be ostracized.
    Can we be a dick to Hari?
    Hmmm. That does sound like it is intended.

  4. “It had to do with my family, the people, the food, the culture, the debates, the nature.”

    This line jumped out at me. Lived in SF for these reasons.

    The unspoken assumption is these things do not exist elsewhere. It is an attitude I enjoyed when I lived in the Metro NY area, and it was an illusion that was shattered when I found out food, culture, debates, and nature are not geographically limited.

    As to the rest, why move to a State/City where you disagree with the politics? He talks about the contract between Citizens and Government, and does not realize he is an active member of the contract. Why enter into a contract you disagree with? There are plenty of semi-blue states that are not San Fran shitholes (yet). Move there instead.

  5. His entire attitude and mindset is armored by his ignorance.

    “None are so blind as those that refuse to see.”

    The other problem with burning him out is he will likely move into a condominium. That is in addition to the whole committing felony arson thing. Don’t commit felonies. Definitely don’t advocate for felonies.

  6. 1) Twitter.

    2) Who is this person, and why should anyone care what he thinks?

    3) Twitter. May as well drop a crab trap in a septic tank — the catch will be the same quality.

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