This is the ad that California Governor Gavin Newsom is running in Florida.


First of all, remember that Gavin Newsom was subject to a recall vote.  He survived, but consider how bad a governor has to be for a recall vote to even be brought against him.

Then there is this from an article from 2021:

The number of Californians getting Florida driver’s licenses in 2019 was 18,103, according to data that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shared with me Wednesday. The number of Californians getting Florida licenses dipped slightly in 2020 to 17,524 as the pandemic may have put some moves on hold.

But in the first four months of this year, 8,174 former Californians obtained their Florida driver’s licenses. At that pace, more than 24,000 former Californians would be moving to Florida this year, up sharply from each of the previous two years.

California is hemorrhaging citizens to other states and Florida us one of the top destinations.

Californians are voting with their feet.

I guess Newsom is trying to attract some of them back, along with some Leftist Floridians.

But one of the most annoying parts of this is the very first statistic that Newsom throws out about DeSantis banning books.

This is from The Washington Post:

The Education Department said it rejected 41 percent of books — “the most in Florida’s history.” At least 24 of the titles scored high marks from official state reviewers for conforming to Florida standards but were turned down anyway.

The reviewers overwhelmingly noted that the books had avoided forbidden topics such as critical race theory, a once-obscure academic term — describing an intellectual movement that examines the way policies and laws perpetuate systemic racism — that conservatives have used to describe teaching on race and diversity, and social-emotional learning, which conservatives say is a vehicle for teaching critical race theory. The reviews mostly addressed how well the books taught Florida’s academic standards.

But a few reviews stood out. They highlighted issues that seemed to conflict less with the law than with personal beliefs, accusing the textbooks of bias for talking about climate change and vaccines.

Chris Allen, the vice chair for the Indian River chapter of the conservative group Moms for Liberty, is an engineer and the mother of a public school student. And although she has never found anything objectionable in her child’s learning materials, she answered a call from the state Education Department for help with the review process. She found reams of examples of what she considered to be critical race theory — which is forbidden in textbooks.

She flagged a statement that said that the United States has not eradicated poverty or racism.

“Emphasis that racism is embedded in American society,” Allen wrote, “contains Critical Race Theory which is prohibited.”

She also highlighted a word problem that talked about the gender pay gap, identifying how much less money women make over the course of a lifetime, saying that she didn’t like the message it sent to young women. 

That has been the problem that people on the Right have been complaining about and DeSantis has actually done some to address.

The insidious way social commentary is slipped into math and science texts.

A word problem will be about income disparity in race or gender.

The kids have now been given a fact as part of a math problem and it’s never challenged.  The kids just hear black people make X% less than white people or women make Y% less than men.  No context is provided and they just absorb it as true.

Little by little these little bits add up to a perception that America is a fundamentally racist, sexist, and unjust place.

So DeSantis, said no.

Word problems need to be devoid of social commentary.

Then the Left shouts: “DeSantis is banning books, he’s just like Hitler.  He’s trying to indoctrinate children.  He wants to make Florida a Christofascist state.”

Because word problems in Florida should ask “if Jonny has 50 apples and 18% are green and the rest are red, how many of each type of apples does he have.”

Not “If a white man makes $50,000 per year and a woman POC makes 83% of what a white man makes, what is Zaara’s salary as a Somali-American woman?”

But it’s DeSantis and the Right who are bad and indoctrinating.

Newsom says “the freedom to love.”

Florida hasn’t banned gay marriage.

Gavin Newsom just signed a law that reduces the penalty for non-forcible sodomy and homosexual sex with minors from a felony to a misdemeanor and eliminates the mandatory registration as a sex offender.

So “freedom to love” in California now includes statutory rape.

I’m not kidding.  Right now, in California, an adult male with HIV can go online, groom a boy, meet up with him, have non-forcible sex with him, and knowingly infect him with HIV, and will have committed two misdemeanors.  The adult will most likely spend no time in prison, pay a fine, and not have to register as a sex offender.

But DeSantis is the bad guy.

What can you expect from a state that encourages a drag queen can spread his butt checks and show his anus to children as a restaurant.


I’m just tired of the lies and projection from a side that has revealed its true character and is being rejected.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Sore loser telling lies and projection”
  1. Oh, I betcha that you (we) only *THINK* you (we) are tired of unhinged projection! Just wait until they go off the rails! I betcha that this is “nice leftofascist”.

    Just wait for the meanness to get unwrapped!

    These, these ARE “the good old days”.

    Make ready.

  2. When I saw Newsom’s ad, my first thought was that, even though I don’t live in Florida, I would be happy if all the leftists in Florida and other red states moved to California!

    1. Said it before: leftards are like locusts and should not be allowed to ruin conservative states as they fubar everything and then move on to their next target

  3. As a former Californian I can vouch for the state becoming a vast cesspit. Ever fly into the ‘Heart of Silicon Valley’?
    San Jose International Airport features a vast homeless encampment directly in the flight path of arriving planes. Look down and see squalor you’d expect in a third world country. Despite FAA mandates about clearing that zone of trash and people, San Jose cannot or will not do so.
    Nothing says the Heart of Silicon Valley better than that.

    Further, during shit for brains recall campaign, he got caught having another affair with a member of his staff.
    Google Lindsey Cobia and you will find a few sources brave enough to print his affair with his married Chief of Staff.
    Thank god the media is in his pocket.
    The man is a serial philanderer, but doing so with your employees is inappropriate and illegal. Our brave media continues to cover for him.
    The middle class and businesses flee the dumpster fire that is California and this asshat tries to recruit workers and businesses go there? Seriously, WTF?

    So glad I’m out.

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