I may be called callous, but I still do not give a damn about the tiff between Rusia and Ukraine. Prior to the war, Ukraine was the official criminal bad guy country in the world as anointed such by many of the people who now defend it.

The current invasion via our Southern border is a clear and present danger ignored by the intelligentsia that bemoans our lack of compassion towards the Ukraine government. We are about to get seriously shafted by foreign enemies aided by the complicity and complacency of domestic enemies and I am pretty sure nobody will come to help us and probably more than one nation will not only rejoice but aid our enemies in their fight.

Maybe shit will change with the elections, maybe it will remain the same. Sure as hell I am not trusting anything coming out D.C.

We are on our own.

Prepare accordingly.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Sorry, our country has the priority.”
  1. One thing to remember is that Democrats could easily get their Ukraine support bill through Congress if they were willing to include real border protection. And the funny thing is that they are the ones who proposed to tie those two things together in the first place. But they thought that “just give us more money to speed up the paperwork” would be something they could sneak through. Oops.

  2. When that shitshow kicked off, I was hoping we wouldn’t get involved but knew that the MIC and the deep state wouldn’t be able to help themselves from getting into a proxy war.
    My view on it all came from a podcast host I listen to almost daily, “In a fight between two assholes, it is wholly acceptable to not pick a side.”

  3. I have a cousin that’s all about that narrative. “If we don’t send them billions of dollars (-10% for the big guy) we’ll have to send our troops over there. Do you want our troops to die for Ukraine? ”

    F&ck all that noise. Send the troops and the money to our border.

  4. A very smart person once said to me (unrelated, but related) that it is a luxury of a wealthy nation to care about the environment. And, when you put the environment in front of maintaining and building that wealth, you will lose both.
    Related to Ukraine, or anything else (see racism, LGBTQWERTY+ rights, etc…) it is vital the country maintains and grows its own wealth/safety before it worries about another country’s safety.
    The argument that Putin will march across Europe and thus threaten the US is laughable compared the the invasion currently happening on our borders. We will end up broke and overrun by people who do not support the American ideals, and subjugated to the collectivists of the WEF and those that support them. Because we are placing the welfare of another nation before our own.

  5. Re the fighting between Russia and Ukraine…in this one there are no good guys. But it was Russia that decided to invade Ukraine, and regardless of the “reason” that makes them the worse of the two. Naysayers aside Putin has long had delusions of grandeur and a desire to reassemble the USSR. That means reconquering and enslaving numerous eastern european countries. If he succeeds in Ukraine he will NOT STOP. Therefore as bad as the Ukrainian are we should aid them. Bleed Russia here and now and they pose less of a threat to the rest of Europe. Question is will the idiot NATO countries wake up to the threat and prepare for it now, while they can.

    As for the southern border….allowing in millions more illegals to replace stubborn recalcitrant Americans has long been one of the lefts strategies. They no longer even try to hide their agenda, their hatred for us or their ongoing crime spree.


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