For better or worse, the 90s are back in the pop culture.

Here is some of the worst.


I remember when “extermate the cockroaches” was on the radio.

It was Radio Rwanda in the early 90s.

We all know how that live tour went.

Estimates have it at more than 600,000 Tutsis murdered by Hutus.

Maybe calling Republicans cockroaches and calling for them to be exterminated is a bad idea.

That said, the US is not Rwanda and we have a Second Amendment.

They can try and exterminate us, but I guarantee it won’t go quite like it did in Rwanda.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Sounds like Radio Rwanda”
  1. Is this the stevie attatched to springsteen??
    Hey, little steve, bring friends…. Aahhhh, the world is getting stupider by the minute

  2. Celebrity (well, quasi celebrity, if it were not for a well known singer, no one would know who this guy is.) opinions do not move my giveacrap meter one bit. In fact, last time I was in the porta potty, I think I did my business on a bunch of celebrity opinions.
    Placing his opinion along side Paris Hilton’s and Jimmy Kimmels.

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