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Southwest Florida Blogshoot Update (please read)

We are on for the blogshoot a week from tomorrow.  This is an update to the last post that I am reposting because we only have partial info for some of you who are planning on attending.

1. The Gun Club has an online waiver that everyone will need to fill out.  If you don’t fill this out online you’ll have to fill out a paper form when you get there which will be a pain for everyone.  If you haven’t already, please send me confirmation that you’ve filled this out.

2, Please forward an email to me (at borepatch at gmail dot com) listing your actual name, your blog name (if applicable), your email address, and how many are in your party (we collected some of this info previously but the royal scribes seem to have misplaced it).  This needs to be done, even if you’ve left a comment that you will be attending because we have to verify everyone’s forms have or will be completed.  If you haven’t already, please send this.

3. IMPORTANT: We need to have some NRA certified Range Safety Officers.  If any of y’all are certified RSOs and would volunteer, please send me an email and attach your credentials so we can clear it with the club that we have the required RSOs.   Right now we have one but need more.  There are a couple of you who were figuring out if you could make it, so please let me know if you will and can RSO.  Otherwise I probably need to line extra help up.

And note to self: since this will be a regular event here I need to get myself certified.

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