You can tell the anti-gun, intersectional Left is just giddy today.

They have 49 Muslim martyrs that they can use to bash Trump, the NRA, white people, and gun owners with.

It doesn’t matter that this guy did what he did in New Zealand, or that he seems to have the motivation of The Joker from The Dark Knight.  He just wanted to kick off something to see the world burn.

So it’s Trump’s fault.

Senator Blumenthal isn’t the only one.

But not just Trump’s, your’s as well, because you know… you are a white supremacist too.  It’s everywhere.

And how do we combat it?

Like the dehumanizing stereotypes and hysterical conspiracies Ilahn Omar and Rashida Tlaib keep throwing out that AOC has defended?

Speaking of dehumanizing stereotypes and hysterical conspiracies, Shannon Watts couldn’t help but contribute to the conversion.

Tentacles across the world.  I wonder where I saw that before…

Maybe Nazi Germany?

Or perhaps the Arab world?


So some radical asshole goes on a rampage for the explicit, stated purpose of stirring the shit pot.

And these people take his bait, hook, line, and sinker and you and I end up being the assholes blamed for this who are going to have to pay for it with our rights.

Fuck the shooter and fuck every politician and activist who did exactly what he wanted them to do.

These activists and politicians can say they are sad and outraged all they want but you can tell that the New Zealand shooter couldn’t have made their authoritarian hearts and happier if had had thrown them a party with cake and blowjobs.




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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Spare me your outrage”

    It not like we have been studying it for more than a decade as part of the war on terror or anything…

  2. Someone ran an inventory of Islamic terrorism in France alone over four years — about the same time period as the inventory of “white supremacist” terrorism. ISTR just one incident had over 200 dead — the total.was WAY over the total of the “white supremacists”.

    Yet the less common of the two is the one these people obsess over, while refusing to even accept the existence of Islamic terrorism.

    They cannot be this stupid, so they must have other motives. And their determination to turn everything into “white supremacism” for even the least power — did you know that civility is a way to enforce white supremacism? — makes me think their lust for power will lead them to do stupid things.

  3. Anti-Moslem is white supremacist?

    In case they are unaware of the history of Islam, digest this:

    Islam was spread out from Arabia with “fire and sword” — as the Koran commands. Those that did not convert were killed. As the Islamic conquests spread across north Africa, Spain, the middle east, the Indian subcontinent, and Malaysia, untold numbers of resisters were killed: “Convert, or die!”

    BUT, the part these modern morons don’t know, is that the Muslim empire enslaved at least 14 MILLION black Africans from central Africa, and sent them to various parts of their empires.

    …the Muslims themselves were “white supremacists”!

    One leader who does not need to be identified said that “Islam is a religion of peace.’

    I say, “hogwash.”

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