She shook her ass during a handstand as a campaign ad.

When there was pushback against this behavior, this is how she responded.


She went to Brown and has a degree in Public Health.

The icing on the cake is the poor grammar of her Tweet.

The problem isn’t her.

The problem is you, you hetero-normative, sexist, racist, bigot, for imposing your values on a queer back woman expecting her not to shake her ass in a thong upside-down as an impromptu campaign ad on a Chinese spying app.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Speaking of degeneracy in government…”
  1. Addressing a voter as “girl” is not exactly the sort of respect a typical voter would look for in an elected official, either.

  2. They spent four years whining about how Trump lacked decorum.

    Remember, it’s never wrong when they do it.

  3. She went to an “ivy league “ school and is a “state senator “ and SHE is “oppressed “????? Ya ok. Fuk these whinin idiots.

  4. “Their decorum isn’t for us.”

    Well, then. Neither is our invention of air conditioning, internal combustion engines, electrical power, modern medicine, agriculture, even the phone she used to record the message on. Hell, I’m taking fried chicken back too, that was ours to begin with. You don’t want our decorum, then give up everything else.

  5. Welp … it’s just fine with me if they continue to eat their own on a broader and broader basis.
    This Twit exchange would be great fodder for opposing candidates … from either party, actually.
    And yeah, there’s uncommon, there’s unconventional … and then there’s trashy. It isn’t a continuum, it’s a different axis on the plot.

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