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If the police find a stolen gun, they are usually returned to their rightful owners, except for about 1,000 guns found in St. Louis City during the past five years.
There, area police departments tell the I-Team letters to the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office asking for guns to be returned have gone unanswered for years, leaving those 1,000 crime victims from St. Louis City, St. Louis County and Jefferson County to wonder when, if ever, they will get their guns back.
Sullivan hopes sharing his story will help crime victims get their guns back.
“The St. Louis Circuit Attorney is either inept in handling citizens’ property and getting it back to them in a timely manner or is willfully withholding property that belongs to citizens,” Sullivan said.

Stolen property backlog plagues St. Louis Circuit Attorney |

This is not the first time it happens. I recall a case years ago in some other location when even the local branch of the ACLU got involved because of the same BS being played and they won the release of the property. Also, let us not forget the illegal taking of firearms in New Orleans after Katrina and the refusal of the city to return them until they were taken to court and spanked severely.

But if that is not all, there is a major ball kicker in the article.

Sullivan’s guns popped up just months after his house was burglarized.
One was used in a homicide in St. Louis County.
The other was found during an arrest of a drug suspect in St. Louis City.
Six months after his gun was used in a homicide in St. Louis County, a detective called Sullivan.
“It was such a surprise,” Sullivan recalled. “He’s like ‘The DA’s not pressing charges. In that case, you can have your firearm back.’”

And that, ladies and gets, summarizes the situation in St Louis: one gigantic legal cluster flock of seagulls.  You can murder with a stolen gun, and you won’t be prosecuted, and the police will keep the gun for chits and giggles. When the law sides with criminals, the citizenship is screwed because they will lose 100% of the times. But then again, they keep electing in the same assholes.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “St Louis is screwed up in so many levels.”
  1. I’m a bit surprised that the seized firearms weren’t sent to the shredder while the DA brags about taking evil guns off the street.

  2. This is the doing of Kim Gardner. She is STL’s Soros funded Open Society circuit attorney. She is responsible also for railroading MO Gov Greitens and making the McCloskey’s lives a living hell.

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