Wake up and smell the coffee! Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz slams woke leaders for ‘abdicating their responsibility’ to fight crime causing his chain to shutter 16 profitable stores because of assaults on staff – with MORE closures to come

The CEO of Starbucks is shuttering 16 profitable stores nationwide over disruptions that he’s blamed on the cities’ woke leaders for ‘abdicating their responsibility’ to fight crime.

Howard Schultz said ‘America has become unsafe’ after he announced that 16 stores will close in several left-leaning cities across the country because staff are being attacked and reports of drug use at the popular cafés.

Schultz warned that this is ‘just the beginning’ of store closures and said there ‘would be many more’ as staff fear for their own safety amid a rise in crime, homeless and people with mental health issues.

In two leaked video excerpts of Schultz speaking at an internal meeting, shared by Ari Hoffman of KVI-AM talk radio in Seattle, Schultz said he was shocked to hear that one of the primary concerns of their retail partners is their ‘own personal safety.’

The reported disruptions include drug use by paying customers and, more often than not, members of the public – who often take advantage of the company’s open bathroom policy, which allows nonpaying patrons to use their facilities.

As a result, the bathrooms have in large part devolved into dens of debauchery, regularly used by vagrants and homeless to do drugs and engage in other illicit behavior.

Well, well, well, isn’t it the consequences of Schuktz’s own actions.

He implemented the open bathroom policy after Starbucks was bullied by Wokies online.

He has openly supported all of these Woke politicians and Woke bail reform and drug decriminalization policies.

He supported and donated to the people he now blames for making these cities unsafe and causing him to close stores.

I honestly believe that Starbucks shareholders should demand Schultz be fired for helping cause this mess with his PAC.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Starbucks CEO angry at the consequences of his actions”
  1. Typical lib, make a policy for “reasons” with obvious and predictable consequences. When those consequences happen, blame everybody else. If he follows the usual MO next he’ll double down on the open bathroom policy and then demand police protection for his outlets.

    1. The problem is they refuse to see the predictable consequences. They will only focus on the “benefits.” It is critical theory in reverse. All leftists are the same, they have not gotten gut punched by their ill thought ideas often enough, so they continue to ignore any potential drawbacks.
      Unfortunately, the rest of us, that have the adult experience to foresee potential problems have to suffer through their learning phase.

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