Bloomberg’s spends some $1.1 Million to get Terry McAuliffe elected to Governor of Virginia.

Bloomberg and McAuliffe work in tandem to get a Democrat majority elected to the VA legislature, but fail badly.

McAuliffe, unilaterally goes after gun rights in the Commonwealth by stripping 25 states of concealed carry reciprocity.

VA Republicans then proceed to revolt, kick McAuliffe’s ass all over the front page of every political news paper in the country, and threaten to take away is protective detail.  Backing by Bloomberg is conspicuously absent.

McAuliffe tries to regain his compusure by distancing himself from Bloomberg’s anti-gun activities by calling Everytown “a group form New York.”  Which any Southerner will tell you is just the nice way of saying “those damn Yankee carpetbaggers.”

McAuliffe then tries a little more gun control in the form of a “deal,” but it is such watered down, weak tea, that it *might* have the barest chance of passing.  Bloomberg is so livid that the candidate they bought and paid for, talked back and is not delivering, that they have taken out ads against their puppet.

This is so juicy I want to stick a straw in it and take a drink.

Here are the lessons to learn:

  1. Bloomberg/Everytown talk a big game when they think they are winning.
  2. Bloomberg/Everytown vanish like a fart in a high winds when they start to lose.
  3. Just because they supported you at election time, doesn’t mean they have your back during your term.
  4. Bloomberg/Everytown demand absolute loyalty, even when they fail to be loyal in return.
  5. Bloomberg/Everytown have no problem savaging their own.

To any politician in a swing state, who might be tempted to take some Bloomberg money.  Consider this:

You go over the guns, and gun owners come out of the woodwork and we put our money where our mouths are.  The public attitude on guns has shifted away from Bloomberg’s side, every mass shooting and terrorist attack causes more guns to be bought and more CCW permits to be applied for.  More states than no are backing down on gun control/liberalizing gun laws.  We will fight you tooth and nail on every inch of gun control legislation that you push, and Bloomberg wont have your back in that fight.  Gun owners hold a grudge and have long memories.

If you don’t believe me, see Colorado and Virginia.

In the mean time, I’m going to sit back and watch the Bloomberg/McAuliffe spat unfold like a Jerry Springer episode.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Start Making the Popcorn”
  1. The only question I have is to what extent McAuliffe ordered the AG to be stupid, and to what extent the stupidity was the result of the AG having a bright idea and heading off on his own.

  2. There us no way an AG would make that big and that political a decision without it coming down from on high. That was way above his pay grade.

  3. When it comes to liberals they will cut each others throat at a drop of a hat if it will benefit them in any way.They are only loyal when needed.

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