In response on Nancy Pelosi’s antics to the SOTU, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sent this Tweet:

Bill Oakley was a writer and producer for the Simpsons.  He decided to Tweet this:

That’s not how art works, douche bag.

You don’t get to decide who gets to like or look at or enjoy the art you put out into the world.  Considering that a meme like this is most likely protected as fair use, this is just Oakley being petulant.

Considering that Oakley, who was with the show for the 7th and 8th of the show’s 31 seasons believes that he is the arbiter of which people of what political bend can watch or reference a show that has become a part of the American pop culture is so hubristic that all it makes me want to do is have Pompeo and Trump send one Simpsons meme Tweet per day, every day, for the rest of his Presidency, just to annoy the fuck out of Bill Oakley and make him cry at his inability to do a God damned thing about it.

So if you are a Conservative on Twitter, send Simpsons memes to troll the Democrats just to put Oakley in his place.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Start using Simpson’s memes”
  1. Is he speaking on behalf of Matt Groening and the Simpons organization? He is acting like he is, but given his relatively short involvement with the show, I do not think anyone associated with the Simpsons would want him to act as spokesman.

    In fact, I would love it if a lawyer for the Simpson organization replied to Mr. Oakley with an order to cease and desist speaking on behalf of an organization he is no longer a part of.

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