When I write about cases, legislation and events, I use the term “state” or “the state” to represent the Government. It doesn’t matter if it is the federal, state, or local government. It doesn’t matter if it is a rule promulgated by an agency or a city ordnance. In all cases, it is still “the state” that is doing it.

When we discuss cases, we speak about the case and the court’s opinion. We speak of Heller, Bruen, or Caetano we know the opinion. We might even know which Supreme Court Justice wrote the majority opinion.

Do you pay attention to the lawyers that are arguing the cases?

You should know Paul D. Clement. He argued McDonald and other 2A cases, and won.

Alan Gura argued Heller and won the biggest Supreme Court case for the 2A ever. Bruen was more about slapping down rogue courts and spoon-feeding the inferior courts how to handle 2A cases.

If you go look at west cost cases, you will find the firm of Michel and Associates with Carl D. Michel arguing for us.

It is highly unlikely that you have heard of J. Matthew Wright. He is the counsel of record for the Rahimi case.

He is ably assisted by Jared Guemmer, Jason Hawkins, Kevin Page, Rachel Taft, T.W. Brown.

They all work for a gigantic entity. Guemmer is part of the Federal Public Defender’s office of Oklahoma. The rest are part of the federal public defender’s office of Texas.

That’s correct, the federal government lawyers are arguing against federal government lawyers.

And the Public Defender’s are doing a great job.

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  1. I think it would be interesting to hear these federal employees from both sides, sitting together in a bar having a few too many beers. Shop Talk would be good, perhaps priceless.

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