Replace female with ‘egg-producing’ and avoid using the term ‘fitness’, woke scientists say in push to get rid of ‘harmful’ phrases

Woke scientists have called for the terms male and female to be replaced as part of a crackdown on ‘harmful terminology’ in science.

Instead, ‘sperm-producing’ and ‘egg-producing’ or ‘XY/XX individual’ should be used to avoid reinforcing ‘societally-imposed ideas of a sex binary’, researchers suggest.

Even the terms mother, father and fitness are in the firing line.

Some members of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Language Project, founded by scientists in the US and Canada, wrote that ‘much of western science is rooted in colonialism, white supremacy and patriarchy’ which ‘continue to permeate our scientific culture’.

To ‘address this history’, ‘harmful’ scientific terms should be identified and revised to ‘foster inclusion’, they argued.

This was Winston Smith’s job in the Ministry of Truth.  To re-define every word to crush the ability for people to think.

Male and female are not offensive terms.

This is not inclusive language.

This is a tiny fraction of people who want to controll other by using the insanity of an even small fraction of people as cover.

“Don’t say female because some sex offender who dresses like a woman will get angry that you don’t think he’s a woman.”

No.  This language is utterly dehumanizing.

I’m reaching my breaking point on this.

It’s not enough to not obey these people.

These people need to have their living guts stomped out.

If some doctor stands up at a conference of obstetricians and says “we can no longer say ‘breastfeeding mother’, we have to say ‘chest feeding egg producer'”, I want every other person in the room to rise up and lynch that person.

It’s not about being inclusive, it’s about flexing power.  It’s time for us to flex our power back.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Sticks and stones will break their bones because their words are doing damage”
  1. Never truer words were spoken. And what is just as outrageous are the numbers of heterosexuals who give these types of individuals a free pass—a nod in passing then going about their lives as if everything is ok. As if it won’t affect them during their lifetimes. “They” say it’s the same percentage of people who have always been this way and that it only seems like there’s more of them because of the internet. I answer, it’s the internet that is the catalyst or vehicle through which their numbers are rapidly expanding throughout all of society. If The Truth be known on this subject, there are far more than the 1-2% of the population that is non-heterosexual. The real percentage is far greater.
    When the nation’s ‘Family Structure’ is fractured and fails to be the backbone of the nation, the nation ceases to exist. It’s a historical fact and a moral certainty.

  2. Read/saw this the other day:
    “It’s not that your beliefs are incompatible with mine. It’s that you insist your beliefs give you the right to destroy my way of life.”
    And, here we are. With a small cadre of woke scientists telling the entire world that they need to change thousands of years of human language to accommodate a few crybullies.
    Point and laugh.

  3. The absolute fucking irony is xy/xx or egg producing and sperm producing are far more binary than male and female lol.

  4. “…I want every other person in the room to rise up and lynch that person.”

    I dunno. I think that a beat down is more practical. Where do you find trees in conference rooms? 8>)

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