Last week I wrote a post about a story from Florida that was absolutely fucking insane.

The 15-year-old daughter has three TikTok accounts and an Instagram and sells selfies that are pedo bait cheesecake.

One obsessed fan becomes a stalker and tries to kill her, dad blasts the pedo straight to hell.

Then, because we’re living in Sodom and Gomorrah, the family encourages the daughter to keep doing her thing because she makes $1,700 per video.

Guess where this story goes…

‘Ava is genuinely afraid for her safety’: TikTok star, 15, whose cop father shot dead armed fan on their Florida doorstep is now due to testify against ANOTHER stalker – but will stay on website where she makes $1,700 per video

The 15-year-old TikTok star whose father shot dead an armed stalker trying to break into their home last July is set to testify in a Florida court on Monday in a bid to fend off another stalker as her family continues supporting her social media endeavors.

She has since been pulled out of school and her family moved to a new house in the state, but not before another boy began following her around and watching her every move.

The boy, whose identity was withheld because he is a juvenile, had been texting Justin before the deadly gunfire exchange, Ava and her family told the New York Times. Another classmate also sent Ava a video the boy had made of himself firing a gun at a shooting range.

Ava’s lawyer, James Scarmozzino, filed a petition in Collier County Circuit Court seeking an injunction for protection against stalking and a hearing is set for this Monday, where Ava will testify.

‘She is genuinely afraid for her safety. It is a shame that it too often seems it takes a tragedy for everyone to ask: Why didn’t we act sooner?’ Lanny Davis, an attorney for the family, told Fox News, adding that the family hopes to obtain video evidence connected with the new stalking case.

Meantime, the teen and her parents have defended Majury selling selfies to Justin and revealed she will stay on TikTok where she makes $1,700-a-video despite safety risks.

Holy fucking shit!!!

It happened again.

She sells soft core pedo bait cheesecake to boys who want more and then stalk her.

I know that we’re not supposed to victim blame in modern society but I certainly fucking will.

One brush with death didn’t teach the family a lesson so now it’s happening again.

Look, you play with fire and you can get burned.

In this case the fire is emotionally unstable horny teenage boys.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why her parents are continuing to let her do this?

Are they getting their rocks off on their daughter’s videos or are they skimming money off her accounts?

Honestly, and this is part of the problem I have, this is too much money for a kid.

High school kids are supposed to make minimum wage part time.  Little bits of money they can’t get into real trouble with.  Money that teaches them the value of hard work.

Big money makes kids stupid.  Trust me, I grew up with trust fund kids.  Look at child actors and how fucked up they are.

If she makes one video a week that’s $85,000 per year.  An adult salary and the emotional maturity of a teenager is a bad combination.

This whole situation is fucked.

Absolutely fucked and someone else is going to get hurt.  Maybe several people including the daughter.

I absolutely believe that kids should not have social media and should not have sponsored or monitized social media accounts.

The J.Kb administration will ban them.

This is why.

And this family is fucking atrocious and mom and dad are one my chipper watch list because something ain’t right here.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Stop pimping your pedo bait daughter and this sh*t won’t happen”
  1. I saw some speculation about this. The thought is that the money is too good for the family to just stop, right away.

    Yes, it is absolutely insane and everyone involved is insane as well.

    Big money makes -kids- stupid, though? Hell, it makes ADULTS stupid.

    1. I guarantee the parents are “handling” the money for her. Plus just think of all the new viewers they’re getting from this publicity.

  2. Pimps understand there is some danger involved, but the pimp daddy isn’t the one being stalked, just the hoe. Pimp daddy can shoot from the blind, no problem. Until one of the morons takes his ass out first, then kills the rest of that fuckedup family. Too bad, so sad. Not.

  3. More proof that social media is going to be the end of civilization as we know it.
    Someone stalking a celebrity was a rare thing. It was so rare that it made headlines, it really was news when a fan went beyond asking for autographs and pictures.
    Now, a potential stalker gets instant feedback from the “celebrity” they are stalking. This girl is not just selling cheesecake photos, she is interacting with her “fans.” Likely in order to increase demand (and prices).
    What this girl (and her parents) are doing is no different than the stripper who is accepting gifts and money from some old guy. The only difference is on line versus in person. The on-line nature of this transaction allows anonymity. Which emboldens the stalker
    It is inevitable that more girls will do this in an attempt to make booku bucks. And, parents will think “It’s fine. it is just a few pictures/videos over the internet.” Without realizing how easy it is for the stalkers to show up at your front door.

    1. “ Without realizing how easy it is for the stalkers to show up at your front door.” One hundred times this. People think there is anonymity in the world, there isn’t. Between technology and public/open records, people can be found easily. Two examples come to mind.

      First is from being bored while watching some videos online. A buddy and I were talking and we commiserated “I wonder where they’re shooting.” Based on nothing more than what was in the videos, a search engine, and Google maps/earth we found everything (location wise) in about five minutes. And this was two bored guys shooting the shit on a Friday night.

      Second is from recent experience. We live in an area that is just seeing substantial growth right now. My wife and I have been contacted numerous times our our cell phones by “realtors” and “investors” wanting to buy our house. My wife and I don’t have phone numbers from this area, we don’t have any prior relationships with these people, and we haven’t talked to a realtor in 7 years. And still we get cold calls from these assholes. At least they are kind enough to take a hint when told to “Fuck off”.

      Third one is I’m getting headhunter emails at my work email address. An address that isn’t known to anyone outside of my business contacts (it’s a small company and I’m low man on the totem pole, so to speak). Yet I’m still getting headhunter emails asking me if I’d be interested in positions in my old industry. I’m flattered, but at the same time pissed.

      These are just casual, (mostly?) innocent interactions. If someone wanted to do harm, it would be very easy. And that’s not even assuming that someone motivated to do harm or with a few bolts loose.

  4. Universities are running classes on how to make money on ‘OnlyFans’ etc.

    While at the same time feminists attack the ‘objectifying’ of women

  5. Never mind how she is earning the money if her parents are not teaching her sound financial decisions and limiting her spending while putting the rest in savings and investment accounts I would argue letting your child spend money however they want is as much child-abuse as pocketing their money.

  6. Who was the 1970’s NBA star that said, “Cocaine is God’s Way of telling you that you make too much money? This was when NBA contracts were in the $1 miilion range

  7. Ah, who needs Hollyweird to prostitute their child out for big money and fame? Thanks to soft/hard porn sites like Tik-tok and OnlyFans and such, everyone can exploit their child.

    And the parents are showing absolutely no concern for their child’s future, just like Hollyweird parents. She’s going to have this follow her into her adult life, destroying her ability to get really great jobs or ones needing security clearances. Especially since, unlike a juvenile crime record, the Internet never forgets…

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