Homelessness is an addiction crisis disguised as a housing crisis. In Seattle, prosecutors and law enforcement recently estimated that the majority of the region’s homeless population is hooked on opioids, including heroin and fentanyl. If this figure holds constant throughout the West Coast, then at least 11,000 homeless opioid addicts live in Washington, 7,000 live in Oregon, and 65,000 live in California (concentrated mostly in San Francisco and Los Angeles). For the unsheltered population inhabiting tents, cars, and RVs, the opioid-addiction percentages are even higher—the City of Seattle’s homeless-outreach team estimates that 80 percent of the unsheltered population has a substance-abuse disorder. Officers must clean up used needles in almost all the homeless encampments.

An Addiction Crisis Disguised as a Housing Crisis

Ignoring or rebranding the problem never helps and this is one that is now flooding and destroying cities.

The addicted homeless is nothing new. You can safely go back to the 80s when the problem began to get bad and see the reaction from the Liberal side and which has been the script ever since: The homeless are by far poor families thrown out in the streets by the economic policies of the Republicans and Capitalism  with a smattering of Vietnam Vets dealing with problems. Junkies? Never mentioned. We even had a full fledged “Hollywood Cares!” virtual signaling in the form of HBO’s Comic Relief, fund-raiser shows with comedians donating time and jokes to provide a family of NY Okies a place to live so they wouldn’t have to keep living in their Model T in rest area of the New Jersey Turnpike.

And then there was the strange issue of what I call the Disappearing Homeless: The moment a Democrat was elected President, the homeless problems in America seemed to disappear from the Media. You could not find but a very few local articles in the printed press and probably because the state or local administrations were not Blue. But the moment a Republican won the White House? Dear God! Homeless all over the place! How is it that this people do not care? And I am not kidding about the timing, George W. Bush was barely sworn in as President and within hours there was at least article berating him about the homeless.

We know the great maxim from Scarface: “Don’t get high on your own supply.” Unfortunately the Liberal Intelligentsia does not comprehend this and since they branded the Addict Problem as a Homeless Problem, the solution then is to provide them with a place to shoot up sleep. If they have a “home” they are no longer homeless and the problem will disappear, right?

Welcome to abandoned RVs and Tent Cities.

Portland Tent City
L.A. RV for the Homeless
Another Tent City in Portland.
Seattle Immobile RV Camp
Seattle Tent City

Let me reiterate the “Don’t get high on your own supply” part of Liberal Intelligentsia: that last photo comes from a news item from radio station  KUOW of Seattle where the recommendation from Homeless Task Force about Tent Cities like this is to create more Tent Cities.

The packaging of the addicts into tarps, nylon and abandoned vehicles has not solved the problem of rampant drug abuse. They are not addicts because they do not have a home, they do not have a home or families or any kind of worthwhile belongings because they are untreated addicts.

This is literally government pouring rainbow sprinkles over a turd so it can pass the “WE CARE AND DID SOMETHING” test so they can feel good about themselves and get more taxpayer’s money.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “Stop treating the addict problem as a lodging problem.”
  1. It’s so maddening to watch the Democrats turn the West Coast into the Worst Coast. I’ve long wanted to do the coast trip, but now I would rather keep old pictures and images in my head of what it should be rather than what I imagine is rampant from North to South along that Wastedland.

  2. Used to live in LALA land (well San Fernando Valley) in the ’60s. Went back to Costa Mesa in the 2000s for a brief visit. Not exactly homeless central, but traffic was unreal even then. Wouldn’t go back today on a bet.

  3. In LA, new “public service announcements” at bus stops state that “Homelessness Kills” and show a toe-tagged corpse, lying on a guerney.

    Actually, drug overdoses kill. As do chronic alcholism, gangrenous limbs (plently of that), untreated diabetes and incapacitating mental illness.

    The heavily trafficked streets of LA are disgusting. You would not want to walk down the sidewalks and driving is no picnic, either. The drug-addled and demented pan-handlers “work” the major intersections. Bodies (living, although I have seen at least one sheet-covered corpse) are strewn along the sidewalks, or lying in building alcoves, or camped-out in ramshackle,
    cardboard “houses.”

    What elected officials may have something to do with LA’s (and all of California’s) “homelessness?” Let’s see…

    Gov. Governor Newsom (following Gov. Moonbeam)
    Sen. Diane Feinstein
    Sen. Kamala Harris
    House Looser Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of CA Congresscritters
    LA Mayor Garcetti
    CA State Senators and Assemblymembers
    City of LA Councilmen

    All of them (except a lonely few at state district levels), Socialist Democrats–those that are not full-blown commies or third-world-style tyrants admirers.

    Rant off.

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