I don’t know what Leftist deep Blue shithole city this happened I’m, but it really doesn’t matter.



It could be New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, they are all the same.

The police and City prosecutors are useless at curbing shoplifting.

If they weren’t, this piece of shit wouldn’t have had the impetus to go into a store and take handfuls of cigarettes off the store shelves.

The owner or manager had enough and did what needed to be done.

I don’t think a broom handle will make a permanent difference

I think we’re gonna see store owners start using axes  machetes, baseball bats, or hundreds to stop shoplifters.

Some piece of shit starts helping himself to hundreds of dollars in merchandise and a piece of shit is going to end up in an ER or on a slab.

If law enforcement won’t protect people  people will protect themselves harder.


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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Store owners are going to become more violent”
  1. For a small store owner, shoplifting is a direct attack on their livelihoods.
    Even for a large chain there will eventually be consequences for the employees. Just ask the people who used to work at a certain drug store chain in San Francisco….

  2. Too funny!! What a beating. Bout time shop keepers start takin back thier stores. Just play mickey the dunce when the little bastard comes back with the cops..

  3. Should not have beaten him with a stick that way.
    Instead he should have jammed the end of the stick into his guts. Caused some significant internal bleeding. Instead, he will have a bunch of bruises, instead of a hospital trip.

      1. There would be a lot of clean up required if they did that.
        Best to minimize effort after the “correction” in my opinion. Keep the squishy bits on the inside, but properly tenderize them.

  4. If they don’t start taking criminals off the street, they’ll start quietly disappearing.

  5. Finally got to watch the whole thing.
    Traditionally canings are applied to the soles of bare feet, but I’d bet the thug felt that just fine.

    1. Dailymail article on it said California based on the Lotto signs in the video. Either location would be plausible in this timeline.

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