Where do the guns used in violent crime come from? It’s mostly one of two ways, ATF says

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Tuesday to strengthen gun background checks in the United States.

The order requires more background checks before you can buy guns. It also bolsters “Red-Flag Laws,” addresses the loss or theft of guns during shipping, asks the federal trade commission to analyze gun marketing and increases federal support for gun violence survivors.

So where are the people who pull the trigger getting their weapons? Will background checks really stop criminals?

Daryl McCormick, an agent with the Ohio Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, traces the origins of guns used in crimes and he said it happens in two ways.

“Number one, through a licensed dealer,” McCormick said. “And number two, from a theft. Which, right away, that’s illegal.”

Let me take a moment to remind you to lock up your gun.

Get a safe orva strong box and anchor it to the wall or floor.

Oceans 11 are not coming for your precious gun collection.

It’s Sucko, Fucko, and Doc breaking into your house to steal shit to sell for drug money. Guns have a high street resale value.  You need to secure your guns against a couple of well motivated junkies who want to make a quick buck.

According to the ATF, between 2017 to 2021, nearly 79,000 firearms were recovered from crimes across the state.

Around 1,100 of them had been stolen from a homeowner or gun store, but McCormick said what’s troubling is that the vast majority were legally purchased and then given to a criminal.

“Most of the time it’s going to be where a criminal obtains a firearm from someone they know,” he said. “Maybe a family member or somebody like that, who pretty much knows it’s unlawful and pretty much knows they shouldn’t have a firearm, but for some reason does it anyway.”

McCormick said around 2,000 guns were seized in the greater Toledo area in 2022 and about 200 of them were used in a crime within 90 days or less of purchase.

“So that’s a strong indicator to us that almost all of those firearms were purchased just for the sole purchase of providing them to criminals,” McCormick said.

Those are straw purchases.

That’s easy to fix.

Prosecute the fuck out of straw purchasers.

That almost never happens.  Do it.  Send those people to prison.

And I will admit there are a few dealers who are known as bad dealers who knowingly sell to straw purchasers because of the money.  Send them to prison too.

Theft and strawman.

Lock up your guns and prosecute criminals, it’s not that hard.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Strawmen and theft”
  1. Only hinky thing I see is when atf says firearms legal purchases are given to criminals…. Prove it. This sounds like another lie to make it harder to buy firearms.
    “More background checks”yea that will work.
    Liberals hate Americans and hate guns, so anything they say is 99% sure to be a lie. Liberals are freaking out because their utopian plan is imploding..

  2. More background, and universal background checks require the seller/purchaser to self report the sale.
    Not many criminals will do that.

  3. Unfortunately gun charges are often the first thing dropped by prosecutors in exchange for a no-contest plea deal that saves them time and money better used to harass us decent folk and campaign for higher office.

    Other point of order agree full stop, buy a safe.

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