It’s horrific poison and mutilation done to children that ruins their bodies for life.

Puberty blockers revealed to be dangerous for minors: study

An article recently published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy charts the history of puberty blockers and shows how their use is based upon the scant evidence and how claims they are reversible and safe are “implausible.”

Dr Michael Biggs, author of the article titled “The Dutch Protocol for Juvenile Transsexuals: Origins and Evidence”, tells of how pediatric endocrinologists ignored concerns about the drugs’ impact on bone density, cognitive function, and the fact that almost all of the young people receiving treatment were homosexual and instead rushed ahead in prescribing the drugs.

In the US, adoption of the drugs’ usage was led by Norman Spack, who co-founded the first pediatric gender clinic in the US at Boston Children’s Hospital and who apparently “more than once recalled salivating at the prospect of treating patients” with the drugs, writes Biggs.

“On the side effects of puberty suppression, there is most evidence on bone density [which] was initially dismissed ‘of no great concern,'” Biggs explains. “The effects of puberty suppression on emotional and cognitive development are more difficult to ascertain, but more consequential as they could potentially affect the capacity to consent to cross-sex hormones and surgery.” He cites several studies in which IQ appears to drop after taking GnRHa drugs.

This is important given that every study to date shows that almost 100 percent of children who are put on blockers go on to consent to take cross-sex hormones.

“Even less is known about the effects of puberty suppression on sexual functioning. [Jazz] Jennings, who started on GnRHa at the age of 11, has no libido and cannot orgasm,” continues Biggs. “Jennings’ surgeon, Marci Bowers, who has performed over 2,000 vaginoplasties, acknowledges that ‘every single child … who was truly blocked at Tanner stage 2, has never experienced an orgasm.'”

Another issue observed with blocking puberty in male children was that “stopping sexual development meant the penis did not grow … [which] made it more likely that the orifice would need to be lined with a portion of the patient’s intestines rather than the inverted penis,” explains Biggs. In one cited study, out of 49 patients undergoing vaginoplasty after pubertal suppression, “71% required intestinal vaginoplasty,” a procedure which Biggs describes as “more invasive, requiring a second surgical site, and [entailing] greater risk of complications such as rectal fistula.”

So, the actual science shows that children given puberty blockers have bone density issues, a loss in IQ and cognitive function, fail to have any normal sexual development, and go on to have more invasive, dangerous, and risky surgeries.

And this is the big push in “trans medicine” to put kids on puberty blockers as young and as quickly as possible.

This is like a witch’s brew of the worst politically and ideologically motivated pseudo science of 20th Century Leftism, Lysenkoism, the mutilations by Josef Mengele, and ice pick lobotomies, all mixed together.

This is evil being done to children and the President of the United States wants to make sure it’s guaranteed to children.

This will not stop until we stop it.

It must be the law that any sort of chemical or surgical gender affirming treatment is a crime.

Ideally punishable with death, but at a very minimum life in prison.

I don’t give a shit about norms.

I want a politician to stand up and say “if you inject puberty blockers into a child we will inject sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide, and potassium chloride into you.”

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Study confirms what we all know about gender affirmation in children”
  1. There’s a difference between “know” and “consider it bleeding obvious, but we don’t actually have proof.”
    Remember that this is the post-post-Thalidomide age, and pharmaceutical products for children and pregnant women are once again considered innocent until proven guilty. Go ahead, whip up some new product, demonstrate that it doesn’t kill all the rats in a 3-month trial when used exactly as directed, and push it on everybody; it’ll be fine!

  2. While I agree totally, injecting kids with drugs because currently it is a fad to be LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+ is absolutely evil, I do have to raise an unfortunate fact.
    For every study saying XYZ is bad, there is another study saying the opposite. Do not be surprised if the leftists will declare this study invalid because some other one pushes early transition efforts.
    The big issue here is not really the medical intervention. Even though that is a big factor. It is treating this fad as if it is anything other than a fad.
    While I am sure there are plenty of gay/trans kids, the percentage/number is no where near what the narrative says it is. Ask any middle/high school student if they are male or female, and you will get a majority that will say they are fluid, non-gender specific, questioning or whatever. When in reality if they were to identify the people they are most attracted to, it would be someone of the opposite gender. Most of the so-called trans people are really just going along for the social acceptance.
    But, their parents, teachers, and doctors will take them at their word, and destroy their adult lives for the same reason.
    Ask any girl/boy (that actually acts like a girl or boy) whether there are cute boys/girls in their school, and I will bet they will say no, because all of them are weirdos that want to be something they are not. The boy will say all the girls are feminazi lesbians who hate men, and the girls will say all the boys have weird color hair and want to look like girls.

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