18 Replies to “Stupid, party of one. Your table is ready.”

  1. Wow, nobody’s ever thought of that before…

    Okay, I like a challenge. Let’s make a modern Musket. No “bullets.” But a hopper of powder, a bunch of lead balls, and an automatic breech-loader system. Oh, and electric ignition.

    Betcha it can comfortably hold more than 30 shots’ worth, and no “magazines” in sight either. Think that might make Skippy there happy?

    1. Ooh, good one! Mr. Crawford is right! The Roman army often had soldiers using the old-style sling (a la David and Goliath). They went one better than looking for stones in the riverbed, and had lead bullets: “The best ammunition was cast from lead. Leaden sling-bullets were widely used in the Greek and Roman world. For a given mass, lead, being very dense, offers the minimum size and therefore minimum air resistance. In addition, leaden sling-bullets are small and difficult to see in flight.” — wikipedia

    1. More like “passively-aggressively Facebook stalking the few girls willing to friend them”, with a good helping of “loudly virtue-signaling their male feminist ally”, and generally being too much of a soi-boi gamma male over actually breeding.

  2. But hey, you can have freedom of the press but you need to fill out this form and register your ink. What do you mean you want open access to an online presence? There was no wire/ wireless communication in 1776? /sarc/

  3. Ban libtards – there’s no amendment preserving the right of loudmouth commie douchebags to brutally infringe on the rights of citizens.

  4. If you want to play word games…the Constitution only specifies freedom of the “press” so unless that idiot has a printing press he needs to be quiet. No internet for him “cos” it did not exist back then.

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