Sun Sentinel: An editorial thick with stupid irony.

What is the  Interstate Popular Vote Compact? According to Wikipedia “The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among a group of U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

Let me see if I get this straight: In order to “respect” the results of the Nation’s popular vote (which legally count for squat), a state must ignore the results of its people’s vote.  The Sun Sentinel editorial thus is saying that it does not matter if Floridians vote overwhelmingly for one presidential candidate in the future, the results must be ignored because the voting results of the West Coast and the Northeast would be more important that ours.

That first election with the compact in place will also guarantee that the following elections will be filled with abstentionism because, if my vote is not going to count even when my candidate wins, why should I give a fuck about voting anyway? And that is how we will end up with Alexandria “She Guevara” Ocasio-Cortes as president and the Venezuelan Socialism as the law of the land.  Bye-bye the Democratic process they claim the   Interstate Popular Vote Compact is supposed to protect.

It is always nice to see a South Florida Media Outlet bowing to its Carpetbagger Masters. May the next round of cutbacks arrive soon.



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  1. Yes, the “National Popular Vote Total” is what democrats want. Why? Number one is they reasonably fear the current system of the …..”Local State Three-Tier Popular Vote” system of elections.

    The current system of the Electoral College, consists of 50 states acting independently, autonomously, per democrat and republican parties’ delegation rules and policies when counting local popular voting outcomes.

    Local Tier One: Each American citizen votes within the local voting precinct to determine the popular vote within their areas of their state.

    Local Tier Two: Each voting precinct’s popular vote totals are given to the respective county to be included within that state’s total county popular vote.

    Local Tier Three: Each state’s county’s popular vote results are given to the State to be included in the count for the state’s popular vote winner. Then each party within that state, has their election winner and loser assigned per political party policy, an ‘elector’ who is bound according to their political parties rules, to vote in the Electoral College System accordingly.

    Therefore we currently have the most full-proof popular vote system, designed to start from each American’s home perspective, instead of a overall national perspective, a equal and fair, 50-State Popular Vote Winner System.

    And as a side thought: Name for me one area of the 50 states where there’s enough republicans to equal 2 million republican votes, like say L.A. California or NY City has 2 plus million democrat votes.

    1. Also an additional thought: America’s system of democracy was designed with a ‘stranglehold type restraint’ on it…on purpose. The framers well understood the inherent rampant corruption that exists in any democratic form of governmental systems.

      By issuing the electoral authority to each state to establish their electoral systems as they deem appropriate ‘within the political parties of that state’s policies, they knew the integrity of the national election would be three times greater than it would otherwise.

    2. Mr. Douglas, it’s even better than you lay out. When you vote for a presidential candidate, you don’t actually vote for the candidate. You vote for electors pledged to voter for the candidates. These electors collectively form the Electoral College. The electors although pledged by oath to vote for their parties nominee, they can actually vote for anyone. The whole purpose of the Electoral College was to prevent mob rule by a charismatic leader. Clearly the progies can’t get three quarters of the states to agree to a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral Collage, so they’re going the “Popular Vote Compact” route. I am not sure how this plays out constitutionally, because legally there is no national popular vote for president, as stated previously, you vote for electors, not a presidential candidate. At any rate, the lawyers will get richer.

      1. Nuke, unfortunately this thing seems permitted by the Constitution, because it says that electors are appointed by the several states in a manner chosen by the state legislatures. So a state can decide to do it on this basis. A state can also, as far as I can see, decide to do it on the vote of property owners only. Or it can do on the basis of the vote of every resident whether legally in the state or not.

      2. Nuke, actually each state’s party policies determines how electors vote. Look at Denver’s democrat party elector conflict in the last presidential election. They were NOT free to vote for whom ever they pleased, they HAD TO place their vote according to the Denver democrat party popular vote outcome or be replaced or unseated with someone who would abide by democrat elector policy in their state.

  2. Progtards: “We only obey the law (loosely) if it benefits our commie agenda.”


    Example #5,281,805 of why progtards are a disease.

  3. The notion of the person who gets the lower popular vote but the higher electoral college vote being “loser” means they have no respect for the Constitution. That tells you all you need to know.

    Quite apart from that, the candidates all know the rules. They all know how the winner is chosen. If they lose, saying “but the rules are wrong” is just garbage.

    If “popular vote” is actually adopted at some point, campaigning will shift drastically. The money and time will all go to NY and CA, and all of flyover country will be utterly ignored.

    1. I hear that “the rules are wrong” argument, and all I can think of is this analogy:

      “Our Final Four team should have won. The other team ran faster, bounced the ball better, threw it to each other better, and tossed it through that orange ring better, and so the rules say they won. But we should have won, because the rules are wrong! We would have won if the referees hadn’t been enforcing the wrong rules!”

      Sorry, you agreed to the rules when you started playing. The rules make it very clear and obvious what is needed to win. If you don’t like the rules, maybe you should play a different game.

      Or, alternatively, you should sit at home and watch better players than you play the game by the agreed-upon rules.

      Democrats whining how the rules are wrong every time they lose, remind me of an annoying neighbor child long ago, who joined in the game of “tag” but spent the whole time sitting on the picnic table “base” because she couldn’t stand the idea of being “it”. If she was ever caught off-base and tagged, she declared herself “on time out” … but would be “timed back in” a few minutes later (as you might guess, after a replacement “it” was chosen).

      Sorry, the rules are well-known. They say there must be an “it”, and that to avoid being “it” you must outrun or out-evade the other kids … but there’s always a chance they’ll tag you. If you’re not willing to take that risk and be “it”, you shouldn’t play.

      Ditto for elections. If you’re not willing to play by the rules and risk losing by the rules, you just shouldn’t play.

  4. Popular vote initiative + giving voting rights to felons and illegal immigrants (and illegal immigrant felons) == Democrat/Socialist control forever.

    Without that second part, though, the door could (conceivably) swing both ways. (Incidentally, if you don’t support Voter ID initiatives, you’re kidding yourself on election integrity.)

    I’m imagining the Portland (Oregon) Democrats — including Antifa — wailing and rioting when the popular vote initiative they supported sends all their electoral votes to Trump. Ditto for San Francisco and Seattle.

    And suddenly the rest of the country doesn’t have to care how Ohio votes; it doesn’t matter.

    And those thoughts are kicking my giggle box something fierce!

  5. On another note, let me congratulate the Sun-Sentinel on their completely honest (and probably completely unintentional) headline: Here’s a way to free us from Electoral College, a ‘disaster’ for our democracy.

    Such a way to “free us” from the Electoral College would indeed be a “‘disaster’ for our democracy”.

    (I’ll let the fact that we live in a republic, not a democracy, slide this time.)

  6. This shit will end in blood. It was all fun and games when they’re we’re getting blue states to join. Once the first state that votes red gets turned blue because of this pact, it’s on. There are no do overs in presidential elections and most people are going to know about the pact until election night.

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