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    1. It won’t be like this. It will be worse. Think Sarajevo. Think Rwanda. Think Congo. Think Pakistan-Indian Partition. Dead women and children. Bunt out homes, neighborhoods, even cities. Pogroms and Ethnc Cleansing.

      1. RD, I fully agree. My comment on CW 2.0: The Electric Boogaloo has been that if the dam broke on the current tension, hatred, and discontent that the “tribes” in America have for one another what would follow would make Radovan Karadžić go, “Too far, people. Too fucking far.”

        It would be uglier than any post apocalyptic writer could fathom and way, way, way uglier than the cheerleaders of said actions could fathom.

        1. Yes — and that’s why I despise the “conservatives” who just want to give up and try to live in the fantasy of a “national divorce”.

          Do they *really* think the left will let them live in peace? The left would discover another casus belli every week — some insult, some “danger to the safety of threatened minorities” — and never, ever leave free people in peace. They would be the Palestinians to our Israel — and likely worse.

          We don’t win by surrendering. We win by standing against them, firmly. Insist on our rights, defend ourselves, and speak PROUDLY of this country, its history, and what it could be without the left trying to destroy it.

          Most Americans buy into only the surface of the left, and believe the lies the press pumps out. But the lies are wearing thin, people are seeing beyond the surface, and the left has made too many promises to too many slices of the population — they can’t keep half of them, and they’ll piss off half their coalition if they even try.

          We need to appeal to people by contrasting how the left governs with how *we* govern. Make it clear the accusations of racism, blah, blah, blah are lies by our actions, and when we get the chance to the best we can for our fellow citizens truly in need. Real law and order, a growing economy, judging people on their actions, not treating people like they’re subhuman just for having a different skin color… That part’s not hard.

          What will be hard will be sticking to it despite the endless hatred and, yes, violence, the left will send our way. To stand against their attempts to frankly cheat, and their corruption.

          But it’s either that or the people of the US will envy the Balkans.

  1. When the military cant get new supplies and equipment because no one is in the plants making it what then?

    If the same rule applies in the United States that takes 200,000 rounds to kill one insurgent and 3% of gun owners resist, at least initially, that’s 600 billion rounds of ammunition. Americans have a lot more guns and a lot more ammunition than the military. And I highly doubt the police would do such a thing. At least not the majority. The military would have to resort to using American citizens stockpiles and weapons. And I bet some will start booby trapping their own ammo. Just like in Vietnam.

    Where are the American military going to get their munitions from? Probably Israel and other NATO countries but I’m sure a few of them realizing what that’s going to be used for is going to tell them to go fuck off. And the ones that still do will not be able to meet the demand. It won’t even be close. This is why I say the deployment of nuclear weapons on United States soil to kill United States citizens is inevitable. And when it’s done it will be supported 100% by the United States military including every single rank-and-file soldier in all branches because at that point every single person in the military that does not fully support the extermination of all human life in the United States if they oppose Democrats will be purged. Only soldiers that fully support the use nuclear weapons on United States citizens for opposing the Democrats will be still allowed to stay in the military. But where do the rest of those purged go? We are already seeing it. Militias are coming back.

  2. On one hand the US military isn’t ready for a Civil war, too supply dependent. We win wars through throwing money and materials at them a blow to the internal infilstructure isn’t something it is designed to withstand.)On the other hand I think most people fail to realize how far the US intelligence apparatus has grown. Between Big Tech( who will obviously side with government oppression) and the the government’s all encompassing SIGINT(think every camera tracking everyone through a AI network using facial recognition, all phone calls tracked for dialog and all email tracked) big government will be able to drop the hammer on any one who even thinks negatively. No matter who win’s they louse, nukes will be used, especially as 3rd parties join in. China and Russia will be nuked out of spite( in retaliation or preventative) the whole situation will likely make the Fallout game series seem soft core. No has seen a world spanning nuclear power have a Balkans level conflict. China has been engineering this for decades, I don’t think they realize how far it will go.

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